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Welcome to Tech Talks with Lou, the show in which I discuss the top tech secrets for success from the best in today's digital world. So, to make you feel more confident with the trials and tribulations of technology, eac

E025: Ginny Foster on creating Patents and Becoming a Robotics Champion

Ep. 25
Ginny Foster now has 6 Patents to their name, she has over 10 years expereince in electrical engineering and her specialism is Robotics. We talk about determination, languages, and what it means to have a Growth Mindset in tech and engineering fields. We also discuss normalising our knowledge when it is above and beyond the norm.  Topics:Growth Mindset and ResilienceBeing a Digital Immigrant in a land of Digital NativesEscaping Social AnxietyPausing creative activitiesGetting started with CalculusFormula for learningLearning in a comfort zonePatentability - New, Useful and Non-ObviousIndustrial OperationsBecoming a Robotics ChampionCollaborative and Industrial RobotsSaving time and improving qualityMachine Vision and AlgorythimsRobotics and normalising skillsWomen do amazing thingsChildren don't have the same limitationsRobotics education in Spanish Book & ReferencesMindset by Carol Dweck: Davies - We Can All Make It:  Episode recorded at the end of Summer 2022 - Ginny has since this recording, successfully launched a robotics podcast in Spanish Ginny: Lou: LOUTECH - find out more: MUSIC CREDIT:ARTIST: Maleki Ram | ALBUM: The Ghost at the End of the World | TRACK: The Rush 

E024: Elisabeth Hancock on Teaching Yourself Tech and Working Your Energy

Ep. 24
Elisabeth Hancock is author and podcaster of 'Work Your Energy'. They are a strategic leadership & energy coach and has spent 20 years in the corporate world, helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals and maximise potential. We talk about coaching, finding your niche and normalising energy healing. In this episode I recall a recent dream of me being in graduation robes that are 100 years old, in 2032. Putting this here so I can reference back in 10 years!  Topics:Seeing things in a different wayCorporate organisationsChange managementLearning things that we don't believe inTeaching yourself tech skillsGrowing as an EntrepreneurBurnout - losing connection between the mind and bodyNLP and Energy WorkSelf Identity and PurposeThe Super-Concious MindManifestation and CreationQuantum EntanglementDepression and Mental HealthBeing blocked to the energetic selfThe power of the Subconscious mindInner critique and ego sabotaging successHaving everything you already needConnecting to your Higher Self  Episode recorded at the end of Summer 2022 Work Your Energy: Elisabeth: Elisabeth: hello@ruthelisabethhancock.comInstagram: Lou: LOUTECH - find out more: MUSIC CREDIT:ARTIST: Maleki Ram | ALBUM: The Ghost at the End of the World | TRACK: The Rush

E023: Steve Hill on Neurodiversity and Identifying as Autistic in the IT Sector

Ep. 23
Steve Hill is the Commercial Director of Auticon UK, a unique multi-national IT Consultancy and social enterprise, which exclusively employs autistic adults as IT Consultants. We talk about the advantages of neurodiversity of talented IT professionals in the workplace. Topics:The World's Largest employer of Diagnosed Autistic employeesSupporting people in the IT SectorWhat is Neurodiversity?Underemployment for people with autism1 in 100 people in the UK identify as autisticCognitive profilingNon-linear measure of autismJob Coaches with a background in Clinical PsychologyFear of doing or saying the wrong thingUnwritten Rules of the officeHyper/Hypo-sensitivitiesTraining for Organisations'Not everyone is a great manager'Fast, honest and impartial communicationHow to attract Neurodiverse talentChats instead of interviewsData Science IT rolesSoftware Design and Engineering and QA IT roles  Auticon - Autistic Society - Autism in Conversation with Auticon - Steve: Hill - Children's Author: Lou: LOUTECH - find out more: MUSIC CREDIT:ARTIST: Maleki Ram | ALBUM: The Ghost at the End of the World | TRACK: The Rush

E021: LARKHALL on Visual Representation of Classical Music

Ep. 21
LARKHALL, the performance alias of Charlie Williams is a composer, a pianist and also a creative coder. Charlie earned an M.Phil. at the University of Cambridge's Centre for Music and Science, where he developed SingSmash, a game you play by singing. That landed him a job helping to develop audio-recognition app SHAZAM. Topics:Why LarkhallEarly SHAZAMSoftware & App developmentPhysical and Location transitionBuilding a network and teamOpen source and Rework cultureDisklavier™ Yamaha acoustic pianoVisual representations of musicChallenges and constraints of technologyPre-Order the new album and see LARKHALL on TourTaking audio and visual compositions on tourSupport LARKHALL on Tour BUY TICKETS HERE: of live performances  Episode References:Disklavier™:!: Model:  LARKHALL: YouTube: TICKETS HERE: Lou: LOUTECH Learning - find out more: MUSIC CREDIT:ARTIST: LARKHALL | ALBUM: Say You're With MeTRACK: Between Light and Leaves