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WWDC23: Apple’s Vision Pro headset revealed

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We take a look at Apple’s Vision Pro headset, the company's ‘most advanced device ever’, and share details of what to expect from iOS 17.

A cyber security breach exposes tens of thousands of UK workers' personal details - with the BBC, BA and Boots among victims.

Also in this episode:

  • AI could ‘kill many humans’ within two years, says Rishi Sunak’s technology adviser - as the PM is set to lobby Joe Biden for UK ‘leadership’ role in its development & regulation
  • Children's doctors call for ban on disposable vapes
  • Syphilis and gonorrhoea cases in England hit record levels
  • Microsoft to pay $20m for child privacy violations
  • How your office plants are actually working for you…

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  • YouTube blocks monetisation of Russell Brand’s channel

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  • BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5’s new smart TV platform

    ‘Freely’, the free TV service will combine live schedules from public service broadcasters into one platform that will be available next year.We hear from Barry Bogin, Emeritus Professor in Anthropology biology at Loughborough University, about his review showing children need love, hope and happiness to grow.Plus, IOS17 launches and Tim Cook insists Vision Pro is on track for release. Also in this episode:Study finds women are less likely than men to receive CPR from strangersCoalition calls on tech platform chiefs to ensure services are safe for childrenScientists say zombie ant parasite is ‘even more cunning’ than previously thoughtStudy finds living in zoos outside their natural environment may disrupt pandas
  • Nasa boss says he believes in aliens

    Nasa boss, Senator Bill Nelson, has said he personally believes in aliens. It comes as the space agency announces its landmark report findings into Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs) - also known commonly as UFOs.Nintendo Direct 2023: Peach gets a Barbie-like transformation in the upcoming Princess Peach: Showtime game.Release date announced for second part of Final Fantasy 7 remake revealed at PlayStation State of Play event.Also in this episode:Study suggests cardiac arrest patients had perception, dreams or memories.World’s first known dog-fox hybrid discovered in Brazil after being hit by carGold particles that trick tumours into ‘self-destruct mode’ annihilate most aggressive form of cancerUK butterfly numbers at highest level since 2019Robots made from dead spiders and ‘smart toilets’ among winners of this year’s Ig Nobel awardsFollow us on Twitter or on Threads. 
  • Top UK UFO expert’s verdict on Mexican ‘alien corpses’

    The UK’s top UFO expert, Nick Pope, gives his verdict on the viral Mexican ‘alien corpses’ claims.We speak to British endurance athlete, Lewis Pugh, after he just finished a 315-mile swim along the Hudson in New York with the aim to highlight river healthTech leaders agree on Artificial Intelligence regulation but remain divided on how in a Washington forum.Also in this episode:Olivia Rodrigo and Liverpool FC join WhatsApp as Channels feature launchesBacklash after Virgin Galactic carries human ancestor remains to space: ‘This is not science’The science behind why your dog knows where you keep the treats‘World’s largest movie screen’ revealed by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky