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Worldwide arrests made as major scamming site taken offline

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LabHost site taken down after scamming 70,000 Brits. Palaeontologists unearth potential ‘largest known marine reptile’. Boston Dynamics tease Atlas humanoid robot. Drake releases new song…but is it actually AI? Also in this episode:

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  • Largest images of the universe ever taken from space

    ESA’s Euclid telescope reveals the largest images of the universe ever taken from space. We speak to Dr Jesper Skottfelt, a research fellow at the Open University’s centre for Electronic Imaging, about their VIS technology that helped take these incredible pictures.Also in this episode:An early warning space weather satellite named Vigil is coming to the UKWhy BT has been fined almost £3 million over failures affecting EE & PlusNet customersMicrosoft’s AI feature is being investigated by UK watchdog over screenshotsScientists reveal shocking findings about the Sun’s magnetic fieldWhy the internet is ‘disappearing’Follow us on X or on Threads.
  • Apple emergency bug fix for ‘zombie’ iPhone photos

    Apple releases an urgent iOS 17.5.1 security update after some reports of a bug causing deleted iPhone and iPad photos to resurrect themselves. Infected blood scandal victims ‘could each receive £2m+’. Firing up UK’s spaceport rocket. Nasa’s optimistic two-month plasma rocket to Mars.Also in this episode:Risk of type 2 diabetes in under-40sDigital landline swap delayed over fears for vulnerableInternational AI safety plan Attenborough’s childhood inspiration becomes nature reserves
  • ChatGPT halts 'Scarlett Johansson-sounding' AI voice

    OpenAI announces “pause” on a ChatGPT voice avatar after it drew comparisons Scarlett Johansson’s speaking style - and Hollywood actress called in the lawyers. Legal and policy challenges for AI Seoul Summit, with Eleanor Shearer, senior research fellow at London’s Common Wealth think tank. Infected blood scandal: police examine manslaughter charges. Also in this episode:Microplastics found in ‘every study testicle’New (but fading) chance to see Northern LightsTech firms ‘failing on pre-election misinformation’Cob-erating theatre...tiny robot’s corn-sized surgery
  • Infected blood scandal cover-up’s damning verdict

    Publication of public inquiry’s verdict into ‘worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS’ that led to deaths of more than 3,000 people. UK summer alert for Asian hornets. Preserving breast tissue aids cancer research. Also in this episode:iDo...the robot ‘AI dating concierge’Odyssey for cross of polar explorer ShackletonFlavour science behind mac & cheese ice cream
  • Bill Irvine: The truth about the Stoics (Brave New World preview)

    Evgeny Lebedev talks to stoicism expert Professor Bill Irvine, whose books detail the ancient wisdom of Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius for a new generation.To hear the whole interview and listen to previous episodes search Brave New World Evening Standard on your podcast provider.
  • Urgent warning over council house scam on social media

    Warning issued over council house scam on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat which has seen victims hand over thousands of pounds to secure social housing that doesn’t exist.Findings suggest ‘global life expectancy to increase by nearly five years by 2050’.Study shows children who spend a lot of time on social media are 'more likely to vape’.Also in this episode:Archaeologist’s theory may have finally solved mystery of Egypt’s pyramidsReddit & OpenAI announce content dealGTA 6 long-awaited release date announced by RockstarFollow us on X or on Threads.
  • Assassin’s Creed Shadows first look

    What to expect as the Ubisoft franchise heads to Japan - game journalist Vicky Jessop reveals what we know so far about the upcoming instalment. NHS approves ‘invaluable’ liver cancer cancer treatment. Apple launches eye-tracking tech for iPhone and iPad. Also in this episode:The new UK weapon designed to blast drones out of the skyWhy dinosaurs might be to thank for regulating body temperature Follow us on X or on Threads.
  • What do Google’s AI updates mean for you?

    Google is increasing its artificial intelligence offerings and even the world’s most popular search engine is getting an AI makeover.The Standard’s Business & Technology Correspondent, Simon Hunt, discusses all the big announcements from the tech giant’s annual developer conference. We hear from Professor Ruth Travis from Oxford Population Health about their research that blood proteins ‘warn of cancer seven years before diagnosis’.Also in this episode:Bumble apologises for celibacy ads: ‘We made a mistake’The $1.4 billion Dream Chaser plane that will take humans to spaceScientists discover new species of giant jellyfishOlympics: Why parts of Paris will be off-limits without a QR codeFollow us on X or on Threads.
  • Open AI’s GPT-4o can ‘teach maths’ & even ‘flirt’

    OpenAI rolls out the most advanced ChatGPT ever as rival Anthropic launches AI assistant Claude in the European Union.Study claims weight loss jabs like Ozempic and Wegovy ‘cuts risk of heart attack and stroke’.Another chance to see The Northern Lights in the UK? Scientists’ prediction as the Sun approaches ‘solar maximum’.Also in this episode:More than 20,000 people join search for new dementia treatmentsHunting may have helped humans become long-distance runnersMarvel Rivals apologises after banning negative reviews Follow us on X or on Threads.