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Early signs of Orthrus Covid variant

Season 1

What are the symptoms to look out for? As the UK Health Security Agency says new Covid-19 variant Orthrus accounts for nearly a quarter of coronavirus cases in England. ChatGPT: Recruitment team used AI ChatGPT for job application - interview with the boss, Neil Taylor of Schwa. Plus, Spotify music analysed in a sleep study included Ed Sheeran and BTS, could they help more than baby lullabies?

Also in this episode:

-Over 250 dinosaur eggs found in India!

-Microsoft to cull 10,000 jobs in US spending cuts

-End of range anxiety? EV taxi company in Nottingham test wireless charging

-Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 update leak latest

-Netflix takes off with private cabin crew job offer.

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