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  • Bafta Games Awards 2024: Baldur’s Gate 3 wins big

    Evening Standard gaming writer Vicky Jessop on Baldur’s Gate 3’s success at the 20th Bafta Games Awards in London, plus UK win for puzzle title Viewfinder. Microsoft to open major London AI hub. When’s the best time of day to exercise? Child-size AI robot car to soothe young patients' hospital stress.Also in this episode:Cheek swab to monitor rare genetic heart conditionEngland measles outbreak: latestMPs urge Government strategy to combat TikTok misinformationPompeii archaeologists find awesome Helen of Troy fresco.
  • WhatsApp: parents urge Meta to stop ‘harmful’ under-16s access

    Campaign group Smartphone Free Childhood is urging Meta to reverse its controversial WhatsApp age access reduction in Europe - amid growing concerns fears about harm to young minds and stranger danger. The ‘sleep gap’ - women more prone to insomnia than men, study finds. Sonar imaging reveals Baltimore bridge collapse devastation.Also in this episode:WikiLeaks: Biden US ‘considering’ dropping Assange prosecutionBafta Games Awards: Baldur’s Gate 3 and Spider-Man 2 lead nomsGetting enough fibre? Roughage boosts over-60s’ brainsRobots are host on television.
  • ‘God particle’ physicist Professor Peter Higgs dead at 94

    Tributes to Professor Peter Higgs, the Nobel Prize-winning “truly gifted scientist” behind the concept of the Higgs boson subatomic particle - known as the ‘God particle’, who has died aged 94. Cass review: NHS to “pause” child gender treatment. Oxford University’s Dr Ophélie Lebrasseur on research revealing hunter-gatherers’ domestication of extinct fox. ‘Double matched’ blood to stop kidney transplant rejection.Also in this episode:Dyson’s augmented reality vacuum cleaningCould swapping red meat for anchovies save 750,000 humans?AI ‘social order collapse’ warning...and sentienceNasa’s moon car to boost lunar ice hunt.
  • TikTok’s ‘Instagram killer’ Notes app: what we know

    TikTok looks to be working on a photo-sharing app to rival Instagram as users receive alerts about a new platform called Notes. Solar eclipse heralds unusual way for couples to tie knot. Young cancer cases link to cell ageing. ‘Hottest March’ marks 10 months of scorchers. Also in this episode:Wider cars leave drivers struggling to squeeze outUK ‘vulnerable to misinformation & deepfakes’Touch ‘soothes pain and depression’Falling ISS chunk smashes into family home.
  • Total solar eclipse 2024: what you need to know

    Much of North America’s set to be plunged into darkness as a total solar eclipse looms over continent for four-and-a-half minutes. Cern’s ‘Big Bang machine’ closer to birth of universe. Double amputee walks again with pioneering bone implants. Why did EV sales slump?Also in this episode:Vet firm CVS hit by UK cyberattackNHS one-hour hepatitis C test ‘bid to eliminate virus’Give sunbeds cancer warnings like cigarettes, says charityWill Tesla’s automated taxis finally launch this year?
  • Jonathan Haidt: What has social media done to our children? (Brave New World preview)

    In this preview of our Brave New World series, Evgeny Lebedev talks to Jonathan Haidt. Together they look at the impact of tech and social media on the child and adolescent brain. Jonathan's new book, 'The Anxious Generation' is available now. To hear the whole interview, search 'Brave New World Evening Standard' on your podcast provider.
  • London Games Festival 2024: All you need to know

    The Standard’s Vicky Jessop discusses all the expected highlights from London Games Festival 2024 - including the Bafta Games Awards. The first ever US Black astronaut candidate, Ed Dwight, will finally go to space at 90 years old.There’s a solar eclipse happening next week and forecasters say it will be partially visible from parts of the UK.Also in this episode:Study suggests prostate cancer cases are set to double worldwide between 2020 & 2040Quest to power homes with solar panels in space passes major milestoneSamsung: Tech giant sees profits jump by more than 900%Brace yourselves, Disney+ will crack down on password sharing from JuneFollow us on X or on Threads.
  • The future of payments: A chip in your fingernail?

    The Standard's Business and Technology Correspondent, Simon Hunt, tries out a new chip which can be embedded in your fingernail. Google 'considers charging' for premium search results powered by artificial intelligence.Moon to get its own time zone by NASA but it won't be straightforward to create.Also in this episode:Nationwide blood test trials hope to improve Alzheimer’s diagnosis rateScientists identify gene variants ‘which increase risk of obesity by six times’Airport security liquid rule change delayed again as scanners aren’t readyLara Croft from Tomb Raider named ‘most iconic video game character of all time’ in Bafta pollFollow us on X or on Threads.
  • Taiwan's strongest earthquake in 25 years

    The strongest earthquake to hit Taiwan in a quarter of a century has killed at least seven people and injured over 700. Study finds vaping causes substantial increase in risk of heart failure.Dr Thomas O'Shea-Wheller from the Environment and Sustainability Institute at the University of Exeter explains how his team developed VespAI - which uses artificial intelligence to detect invasive Asian hornets. Also in this episode:Tesla suffers sales slump in 'unmitigated disaster' for billionaireBillie Eilish and Nicki Minaj want stop to 'predatory' music AIGalaxies become more chaotic as they ageWomen with a lower heart rate could be more likely to commit crimesFollow us on X or on Threads.