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Are Emma Chamberlain’s ‘$10K Instagram DMs’ real?

Season 1

Tech & Science Daily podcast examines how the ‘relatable’ 21-year-old Gen Z YouTuber rocketed to fame and fortune. Now, Chamberlain denies knowing anything about a website listing showing a $10,000 charge for a simple Instagram DM thank-you note. ES features journalist Maddy Mussen has the latest. More than one app poses cybersecurity risk, says Irish government - as TikTok preps for US Congress grilling. 'Can ChatGPT make you money for nothing?'. Faraway planet with 10,000-year orbit discovered.

Also in this episode:

  • Ferrari tells cyber-hackers: We won’t pay ransom
  • Road noise really does raise your blood pressure
  • Liver disease and hepatitis evidence in Beethoven’s gene hair sequence
  • Man reveals ‘snake cat’ ruse that fooled web

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