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Are Emma Chamberlain’s ‘$10K Instagram DMs’ real?

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Tech & Science Daily podcast examines how the ‘relatable’ 21-year-old Gen Z YouTuber rocketed to fame and fortune. Now, Chamberlain denies knowing anything about a website listing showing a $10,000 charge for a simple Instagram DM thank-you note. ES features journalist Maddy Mussen has the latest. More than one app poses cybersecurity risk, says Irish government - as TikTok preps for US Congress grilling. 'Can ChatGPT make you money for nothing?'. Faraway planet with 10,000-year orbit discovered.

Also in this episode:

  • Ferrari tells cyber-hackers: We won’t pay ransom
  • Road noise really does raise your blood pressure
  • Liver disease and hepatitis evidence in Beethoven’s gene hair sequence
  • Man reveals ‘snake cat’ ruse that fooled web

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  • Russian rocket blasts Iranian satellite into orbit

    Russian rocket launches Iranian satellite into orbit, highlighting increasingly close Moscow and Tehran cooperation. One dead, thousands without power in massive Texas wildfires. Hear haunting ‘banging’ sounds from doomed Titan sub hunt. Power of e-bikes ‘could double legally’.Also in this episode:World’s longest-lasting smartphone batteryCovid link to brain function problemsWhy humans lost our tails 25m years agoAstronomers link water and planets’ birth
  • Parents’ fury over Wonka-themed AI shambles

    Parents were left furious after a Willy Wonka-themed ‘experience’ in Glasgow used artificial intelligence software to generate a magical world on-screen, which IRL was a damp squib. AI duel: Standard SEO editor Dan Cody challenges rival chatbots. The $118m photo set: Odysseus moon lander’s death throes.Also in this episode:PlayStation to shut down London Studio with 900 job cutsHome Office probe over ‘bad phone data used as evidence’Crack down urged on prisoners’ TikTok tauntsHand-sized drone probes wrecked Fukushima nuclear reactorLargest ancient crab fossil unearthed in New Zealand
  • ‘Systemic ageism’ link to cancer survival failures

    University College London research finds Britain’s fallen behind on cancer survival amid claims “systemic ageism” means older patients may not receive lifesaving treatment. Control your phone with eyes & AI. Laptop’s transparent screen becomes augmented reality. Musk’s Cybertruck vs thief.Also in this episode:Mystery galaxy ‘like Milky Way’Gut bacteria ‘link to inherited blindness’Butterflies’ disguise to stop being eatenInfluencers in frame over sand dunes dig stunt.
  • Latest on Nasa’s tipped-over Moon lander Odysseus

    Tech & Science Daily podcast hears from Matthew Cosby, of Cornwall-based Goonhilly Earth Station, which is helping the toppled spacecraft beam data back to Earth - can the mission be saved? Privacy fears over satellite that can ‘zoom on anyone’s face from space’ First off-the-shelf AI-powered humanoid ‘Bezos bot’. Over 100 deep-sea species found three miles down.Also in this episode:New way to squeeze apples ‘may boost health benefits’MuskMail me...would you sign up to new X email?I’m your mint...George Michael’s new coin.
  • Odysseus Moon lander makes history with south pole landing

    Intuitive Machines makes history with successful lunar south pole landing. Nasa’s final push to communicate with Voyager 1. The 240-million-year-old reptile likened to a Chinese dragon. How snakes hit the evolutionary jackpot. In this episode:Linda Spilker from Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab explains efforts to communicate with Voyager 1Underlying cause of long COVID brain fog discovered by scientistsBarriers against Antarctic ice melt disappearing at the double Scientists discover how bacteria pair up to boost their defence systemFollow us on X or on Threads.
  • Moon landing: Private spacecraft attempts to make history

    A spacecraft is aiming to make history tonight by becoming the first private mission to land intact on the lunar surface - and be the first US Moon landing in 50 years since Apollo 17.We’ve got all the big announcements from Nintendo Direct February 2024.The five apps Android users are being told to delete immediately. Also in this episode:Alopecia: First ever treatment approved for NHS use marks 'monumental day’Study finds ADHD may have emerged in humans as an evolutionary advantageA dead satellite has crashed half a world away from where it should have landedScientists discover secret to how baleen whales sing underwaterChatGPT has a meltdown Your chance to travel to space by balloonFollow us on X or on Threads.
  • Trident nuclear missile test fails second time in a row

    A test launch of the UK’s Trident nuclear missile has ended in failure for the second time in a row. We hear from one of the University of East London scientists behind a heart disease breakthrough - where they’ve grown a 'heart in a dish' using stem cells. Nasa seeks US volunteers for a paid one-year ‘mission to Mars’.Also in this episode:WikiLeaks: Julian Assange’s wife addresses crowds outside the Royal Court of Justice Elon Musk says human implanted with Neuralink brain chip 'can control computer mouse just by thinking'Biggest snake species in the world discovered in Amazon rainforestStudy suggests red light can reduce blood glucose levelsWhy using emojis or GIFs can help when delivering bad news at workFollow us on X or on Threads.
  • Possible location of ninth planet in Solar System discovered

    Scientists have discovered the possible location of a ninth planet in our Solar System.Out-of-control satellite hurtling towards Earth due to hit our atmosphere on Wednesday morning.Freak winds in the Atlantic jet stream push commercial planes to supersonic speeds.Also in this episode:Study finds herpes infection may double dementia risk in older adultsScientists puzzled by birds scoring as high as primates in cognitive testsResearch shows women benefit more from regular exercise than men Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase announced for tomorrowNotorious cybercrime gang Lockbit disrupted by NCA, FBI and international coalitionResearch finds Brits have over 500 words for being drunk
  • The end of mobile phones in schools?

    Teachers get new guidance as ministers ‘ban’ mobile phones in schools.New Airbnb rules to stop the ‘hollowing out’ of local communities.Reports that EU ‘poised to fine Apple about 500 million euros’.Also in this episode:Walkers forced to trespass onto open access countrysideTiny lab-made proteins ‘hold great promise’ to treat Alzheimer’sMushroom sprouting from live frog in India leaves scientists stunnedSacked Twitter staff in Ghana finally get pay-offNintendo shares slide on reports of delayed Switch successor releaseFollow us on X or on Threads.