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  • 1. Bonus Episode on Leadership

    DescriptionJason Rogers and Garth Nichols of Lassoing Leadership join the Teaching Like Ted Lasso podcast to play a game involving Ted Lasso and leadership.Video: Notes for Season 2 Episode 1 on LeadershipLassoing Leadership: College: Studio: College: https://www.havergal.on.caCanadian Accredited Independent Schools Art of Leadership Awards: Lasso Team on the Greatest Ensembles of All Time [video]: Music Hall: Sad Captains [music video]: Clark’s LinkedIn page: IMDB: of Michigan Football – 2023 National Champions: image of Coach Jim Harbaugh looking like Bruno from Encanto was made using of M Fab Five Reunite [2024 article]: Time Out [2017 article]: 2 Episode 2, Lavender (IMDB): 2 Episode 8, Man City (IMDB): 3 Episode 12, So Long, Farewell (IMDB):’ Compass: https://innovatorscompass.orgJoshua Davis Music:

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  • 20. Planning with Kathy Coffey

    DescriptionThe Teaching Like Ted Lasso podcast comes full circle as Kathy Coffey joins us once again to discuss play and planning, with a focus on the book she wrote with Dave, Designing Math Adventures.Video: Notes for Episode 20 on Planning with Kathy CoffeyMath in Action: in Action presentation resources: conference: Conference: https://mctm.wildapricot.orgDesigning Math Adventures ebook: of Dave’s blog posts on the Teaching and Learning Cycle: of John’s blog posts on problem solving: design thinking mindsets: by Design: episode [IMDB]: by Dr. Ilana Horn: Nows and Exit Tickets” Dream-keepers: Thinking Classrooms: https://buildingthinkingclassrooms.comSmarter together:!-Collaboration-and-Equity-in-the-Elementary-Math-Classroom/One Sentence Lesson Plan: Sinek: Laib’s keynotes: Butler on Four Sevens podcast: Davis Music:
  • 19. Planning with Kassia Wedekind

    DescriptionKassia Wedekind joins the Teaching Like Ted Lasso podcast to discuss planning, with a focus on planning lessons that supports small groups and whole class discussions.Video: Notes for Episode 19 on Planning with Kassia WedekindThat Workshop Book: Down, Speak Out by Kassia Omohundro Wedekind and Christy Hermann Thompson: Exchanges: https://mathexchanges.wordpress.comKassia at 2017 ShadowCon:’s blog post on the math party inspired by a Kassia presentation: Word Problems: https://numberlesswp.comThe Vital Role of Joy for Educators: together:!-Collaboration-and-Equity-in-the-Elementary-Math-Classroom/How High-achieving Countries Develop Great Teachers: Davis Music:
  • 18. Planning with Geoff Krall

    DescriptionGeoff Krall joins the Teaching Like Ted Lasso podcast to discuss planning, with a focus on planning lessons that build academic identities.Video: Notes for Episode 18 on Planning with Geoff KrallNecessary Conditions:’s Website: https://emergentmath.comTed Lasso dart scene from season one: IMDB: I Kick It? by A Tribe Called Quest: Publishing: Zager on Twitter: by Dr. Ilana Horn: a Student Challenge: Down, Speak Out by Kassia Omohundro Wedekind and Christy Hermann Thompson: Thinking Classrooms: https://buildingthinkingclassrooms.comTeacher-Designed Mathematical Portfolio Assessments: Motivations, Potential Benefits, and Lessons Learned: Math Portfolios – A How to: Davis Music:
  • 17. Planning with Cris Tovani

    DescriptionCris Tovani joins the Teaching Like Ted Lasso Podcast to discuss the keys to planning lesson that support learning.Video: Notes for Episode 17 on Planning with Cris TovaniDo I Really Have to Teach Reading?: Workshop Book: Learning: https://eleducation.orgCatch and Release Workshop: Wiggin’s cross-country story: math anxiety in the classroom (Math Teacher Lounge podcast):é Brown on Day 2 [aka the messy middle] (Unlocking Us podcast) More Telling as Teaching: Do I Have to Read This?: with the 4 T’s (Expeditionary Learning blog post): Sinek’s Ted Talk on starting with why: the One Sentence Lesson Plan (blog): Csikszentmihalyi: Flow, the secret to happiness (TED Talk): Davis Music:
  • 16. Planning Part 1

    DescriptionIn this episode, Dave and John discuss planning, in Ted Lasso and in education, by focusing on a single episode – Season 3, Episode 7: The Strings that Bind Us.Video: Notes for Episode 16 on PlanningSeason 3 Episode 7, The Strings that Bind Us (IMDB): Lamott at Calvin College: story behind Bird by Bird: Kane’s substack: Oslund Episode on Teamwork: Algebra Project: Hattie’s Visible Learning: https://visible-learning.orgNicora Placa Episode on Coaching: Squares Activity: Circles Activity: Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt on Unlocking Us: documentary: Wisdom: Davis Music:
  • January Teaser

    Checking in with our audience before releasing our last series of episodes around our final theme.