The Art of ...


The Art of Creativity

Season 2, Ep. 6

Is there a link between mental health and creativity? Do artists have to ‘suffer for their art’?

In this episode, we challenge the myth of the 'tortured artist'. Hear artists, curators and health professionals discuss the role creativity can play in promoting well-being.

The podcast features Shadi Al-Atallah, Alistair Gentry, Carol Jacobi, Benji Jeffrey and Victoria Tischler. It is presented by Billy Childish.

The Art of Creativity is a Boom Shakalaka production for Tate, produced by Arlie Adlington.

Discover how Van Gogh’s mental illness has affected the way people view his art. Visit The EY Exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain at Tate Britain, 27 March – 11 August 2019.​

Photo: ​​© Rikard Österlund

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The Art of Healing

Season 2, Ep. 15
Black women always emerge as pioneers throughout history. From art, to science, to activism and sport, Black women are a force. We live in a world where Black women are expected to be strong. They are expected to be support systems for others, to spearhead political movements, to jump three times as high. It can feel like the world is resting on their shoulders. So how do Black women find space and time to reflect and heal?This episode of The Art Of ... explores how Black women and non-binary folk have used art and creativity as a caring space. It could be capturing and embracing healing rituals through photography, like Khadija Saye. It could also be carving out physical space for art therapy or pole dancing, where Black women and non-binary people can centre their minds and bodies. The episode presents the wealth of knowledge from Black women and non-binary people in taking care of themselves.The Art of Healing is a Black female-led production. It is hosted and co-produced by Pelumi Odubanjo and Shanelle Callaghan, two young curators from The Factory programme at 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning - a Black-led gallery in Brixton. Hear the hosts chat with Kelechi Okafor, Dawn Estefan, Peju Oshin, Nina Franco, Aïcha Mehrez and Alice Insley.To find out more about the artists and artworks discussed visit episode was a Stance Studios production for Tate Exchange and Tate Collective, produced by Nicole Logan, Shanelle Callaghan, Pelumi Odubanjo and Assistant Produced by Deborah Shorinde. Executive Produced by Crystal Genesis.Photo: © Rikard Österlund