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A series telling the human stories behind art in Tate's collection. From love and creativity, to failure and protest, each episode explores how art reflects universal experiences. Hear from creatives, curators, gallery visitors and even comedians ...

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  • 16. The Art of the Body

    In this episode we revisit Paula Rego’s work to talk about the body, reproductive justice and abortion rights.Listen to Polyester Zine’s editor in chief, Ione Gamble and curator, writer and researcher, Maggie Matić talk to artists Polly Nor and Rene Matić about Paula Rego, their own work, and Polyester’s recent zine Saving Ourselves.See the Paula Rego exhibition at Tate Britain 7 July – 24 October 2021.**Please note that this episode contains sensitive content, including discussions on abortion which some audiences may find upsetting.**The Art of the Body is a Polyester Zine production for Tate. Produced by Ione Gamble, edited and produced by Olivia Graham.Photo: © Rikard Österlund 

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  • 15. The Art of Healing

    Black women always emerge as pioneers throughout history. From art, to science, to activism and sport, Black women are a force. We live in a world where Black women are expected to be strong. They are expected to be support systems for others, to spearhead political movements, to jump three times as high. It can feel like the world is resting on their shoulders. So how do Black women find space and time to reflect and heal? This episode of The Art Of ... explores how Black women and non-binary folk have used art and creativity as a caring space. It could be capturing and embracing healing rituals through photography, like Khadija Saye. It could also be carving out physical space for art therapy or pole dancing, where Black women and non-binary people can centre their minds and bodies. The episode presents the wealth of knowledge from Black women and non-binary people in taking care of themselves.The Art of Healing is a Black female-led production. It is hosted and co-produced by Pelumi Odubanjo and Shanelle Callaghan, two young curators from The Factory programme at 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning - a Black-led gallery in Brixton. Hear the hosts chat with Kelechi Okafor, Dawn Estefan, Peju Oshin, Nina Franco, Aïcha Mehrez and Alice Insley. To find out more about the artists and artworks discussed visit This episode was a Stance Studios production for Tate Exchange and Tate Collective, produced by Nicole Logan, Shanelle Callaghan, Pelumi Odubanjo and Assistant Produced by Deborah Shorinde. Executive Produced by Crystal Genesis.Photo: © Rikard Österlund 
  • 14. The Art of Comedy

    Comedy as an art form can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. From toilet humour and sarcasm, to irony and wordplay, artists continue to use comedy within their work today. In this episode, comedian Charlie George explores how artists have used comedy throughout art history and asks 'is it okay to laugh at art?'Hear from artist Abondance Matanda, art historian Alice Procter and assistant curators James Finch, Helen O'Malley and Katy Wan as they chat about their thoughts on comedy in art from Tate's collection.To find out more about the artists and artworks discussed visit episode was a Stance Media production for Tate, produced by Phil Brown, researched by Deborah Shorinde and executive produced Chrystal Genesis.Photo: ​​© Rikard Österlund
  • 13. The Art of Persona

    What role does a persona play in the lives we lead and the art we make? We speak to artists, performers and DJs who use a form of persona in their work. Experimenting with our persona can be a way to learn about ourselves and the world. But do we always know where the performance starts and when it stops?The podcast is presented by Sandra Jean Pierre. Featuring artist Rosa Johan Uddoh, performer and activist Lewis G Burton, Scary Things hosts DJ Bempah & JK, choreographer and performer Holly Beasley Garrigan and magazine editor Bob Colacello.The Art of Persona is a Falling Tree production for Tate, produced by Hannah Dean and Sandra Jean Pierre. With additional music by Sleep Eaters, Keel Her and Black Manila. Special thanks for Snaketown Records.To explore the role of persona in Andy Warhol’s work visit the exhibition at Tate Modern from the 12 March – 6 September 2020.This exhibition is in partnership with Bank of America, with additional support from the Andy Warhol Exhibition Supporters Circle, Tate America’s Foundation, Tate International Council, Tate patrons and Tate members.Photo: ​​© Rikard Österlund
  • 12. The Art of Love

    What is love? is one of the most searched questions online. In this episode, author, journalist and ‘the funniest guy on Instagram’, Raven Smith explores how the various experiences of love have been expressed through art. Art that shows romance is loved by many and comes in all forms. From sculpture and photography, to paintings and films – the art of love is a language that speaks to us all.To discover more artworks which have been inspired by romantic love, take a look at our recent book Love, written by Alex Pilcher. From passion and dating, to heartbreak and loss, the book explores 500 years of love in art.This episode was a Stance Media production for Tate, produced by Catrin Manel, researched by Deborah Shorinde and executive produced Chrystal Genesis.Photo: ​​© Rikard Österlund
  • 11. The Art of Remembering

    Why are some stories easier to forget than others? We speak to artists who are using their work to uncover the people who have been hidden from view. Led by artists, poets and activists, we explore how art can be used to address the erasure of important events that has led to a history of ‘misremembering.’The podcast is presented by poet Bridget Minamore. Featuring artists Kara Walker, Hannah Catherine Jones and Rene Matić, Bristol's city poet, Vanessa Kisuule and Tate Collective Producers Libertee, Sai and Haris.Visit the free Hyundai Commission: Kara Walker at Tate Modern from the 2 October 2019 – 5 April 2020. In partnership with Hyundai Motor. Supported by Sikkema Jenkins & Co. with additional support from Tate Americas Foundation. The exhibition is curated by Clara Kim and Priyesh Mistry.The Art of Remembering is a Falling Tree production for Tate, produced by Zakia Sewell, executive produced by Hannah Geddes.Photo: ​​© Rikard Österlund
  • 10. The Art of Hip Hop

    This episode explores how the culture of hip hop has collided with art forms such as painting, installation art, photography and film. We follow its beginnings as an artistic and socio-political movement in the Bronx in the early 70s to its many manifestations throughout culture today. Listen as we talk with curators, musicians and fine artists about the influence of this art form and how hip-hop’s ability to bring together multiple mediums in one space has revolutionized the creative industry.The podcast is presented by poet and writer Bridget Minamore. Featuring broadcaster and DJ Zezi Ifore, Tate Curator’s Darren Pih and Andrea Lissoni, Musician Little Simz and artist King Saladeen.The Art of Hip-Hop is a Boomshakalaka production, produced by Tolani Shoneye.Keith Haring is at Tate Liverpool until 10 November 2019.Use the code ‘241HARING’ for 2 for the price of one tickets, available online only from the 1st to 31st of October 2019.Photo: ​​© Rikard Österlund