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Part two - The Launch of Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s First Cross-industry Female Mentorship Program in Singapore

Season 2, Ep. 4

In episode 3, our guests are Zoe Cheng and Göran Seifert who are participating in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce´s first cross-industry female mentorship program that was launched together with SwedCham Member Capa Consulting. This program aims to create a solid cross-industry network and a professional sounding board for female rising stars in SwedCham’s business community and to raise the bar for female leadership development in Singapore. 

In the second part of this episode, we will meet Göran Seifert, one of seven mentors within SwedCham’s female mentorship program. During his long career, he has performed roles such as head of regions, chairman and non-executive board member at a number of MNCs, and has encountered many issues with regards to gender equality. Göran will talk about his views on gender balance, female leadership and how we can encourage female professionals to reach higher positions within their companies. He will point out what he considers to be the main challenges and how can we overcome them. 

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