Writing & Producing TV Comedy with Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope

Season 1, Ep. 4

Gristmill production company is recognised for its distinctive brand of narrative comedy (The LibrariansUpper Middle BoganVery Small BusinessThe InbestigatorsThe Little Lunch). In this episode, comics and Gristmill founders, Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope, share stories of their careers with co-founder of Media Mentors Australia, Denise Eriksen. They talk about handling rejection, what drew them both into comedy, the inspiration behind The Librarians, how they cast Upper Middle Bogan, and what it's like working with Netflix. 

Produced by Rhi Mooney & Fyona Smith.

Assistant Producers Wendy Gray and Alicia Emery.

Presented by: Nell Greenwood 

Voice Over: Cam St Clair

Music: Extreme Music - Andrew James Christie, Billie Ray Fingers, Bruce Fingers, Jasha Alain Klebe

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