Podcasting with Marc Fennell and Leanne Cartwright-Bradford

Season 1, Ep. 2

Leanne Cartwright-Bradford, Country Manager at Audible, commits to creating compelling audiobooks and exclusive podcasts. Enter author, journalist, documentary maker, and interviewer Marc Fennell with It Burns, a story which takes listeners from the Australian Coast to South Carolina in a race to breed the world's hottest chilli. In this episode, Leanne and Marc are in conversation with Tony Rasmussen, Senior Lecturer in Radio at AFTRS discuss what constitutes compelling content for Audible and the genesis of the globally acclaimed It Burns. Marc talks about his approach to the craft, the importance of challenging audience expectations and the power of music in regard to binding characters and experience together around a theme.  

Produced by Rhi Mooney & Fyona Smith.

Assistant Producers Wendy Gray and Alicia Emery.

Presented by: Nell Greenwood 

Voice Over: Cam St Clair

Intro: Chris Neave

Music: Extreme Music - Andrew James Christie, Billie Ray Fingers, Bruce Fingers, Jasha Alain Klebe

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