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Talking Poofy

Isofellation Queerantine 3

Season 9, Ep. 6

Adam and Toby answer a Dear Talking Poofy letter about Brown Town, Toby has a Kardashian Konfession, and an important announcement from the Federal Minister for Gays, Ricki-Lee Callea.

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  • Lipp Selects: Me. I Am. A Memoir. The Meaning of 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey'

    New to Lipp Media, join Posh (Phillip Lee Curtis) and Fab (Adam Richard, of Talking Poofy fame), aka The Elusive Sham Two, as they cover every single chapter of the soon to be best selling book of all time, Mariah Carey’s Memoir; The Meaning of Mariah Carey. In this episode, Posh and Fab crack open Mariah's Meaning and dig into the first section 'Wayward Child,' covering 'An Intention,' 'Existence' and 'Close My Eyes.' Discover these chapters through a range of unhinged segments like The Gist, Breaking Me On Down, Mariah Meatiness, Can Take That Away (Mariah's Lesson), The Remix and I Don't Know Her. Plus, the latest Mariah news in Mimi Moments.Listen to Me. I Am. A Memoir. The Meaning of 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey' wherever you listen to us!
  • 5. Isofellation Queerantine 2

    Dirty lockdown talk with Adam and Toby featuring the return of 'Would Ya?' and the always offensive Grunty MacFarkring.
  • 4. Isofellation Queerantine 1

    Adam and Toby answer a 'Dear Talking Poofy' letter about what to do in lockdown, which somehow descends into a discussion about Bananarama, neither of them noticing the irony of talking about a popular trio transitioning into a largely irrelevant duo.
  • 3. Parramatta Road Trip Part Two: You're Soaking In It

    Another PoofCARst as The Punctual Toby Sullivan and The Fabulous Adam Richard return from their trip to see showbiz legend Robina Beard. They spend too long trying to do age maths, are confronted by the density of attractive people in Darlinghurst, Adam describes his shocking interaction with Mardi Gras revellers and there is a hypothesis of how much love Jesus will give in return for credit card details at Hillsong.
  • 2. Parramatta Road Trip Part One: Grease Off The Rod

    The Punctual Toby Sullivan and The Fabulous Adam Richard are in the Barina mobile recording studio heading to Parramatta to see a showbiz legend in concert. The changing face of comedy in the wake of Hannah Gadsby, what Julian Clary is up to now, and the filthiest man in not only Parramatta, but the whole of New South Wales. All of this and Adam's driving tourettes.
  • Lipp Selects: Adam Richard Has A Theory

    Adam Richard Has A Theory serves a quick daily hit of The Fabulous Adam Richard and his theories about Doctor Who. Including episode reactions the morning of broadcast, explainers for non-Who fans and wild diversions into everything from shark teeth to Grey’s Anatomy. Subscribe now!
  • 1. The Poofcast Holiday Special 2019

    The Fabulous Adam Richard and The Punctual Toby Sullivan are having a Christmas shindig at a trivia night hosted by Thomas Jaspers. During a beer garden chinwag, a Dear Talking Poofy letter from a very confused Bevan leads to a stunning revelation from Jaspers about kombucha, and Toby reveals the airborne secret to the longevity of his relationship.
  • The Poofcast 135 (S8E17) LIVE

    The final LIVE Poofcast, recorded at the Imperial Hotel during the final weekend of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We answer a rather serious Dear Talking Poofy letter about a health education panel Adam was on during Midsumma. We also dissect an internet article about being the best boyfriend you can possibly be. I'm sure you don't need an explanation on just how this trio of cynical moles reacted to that.WARNING: The Poofcast contains coarse language, adult themes, sexually explicit discussion and a listicle. The Poofcast 135 (S8E17)