Talkin' Tofu


We Watched the 2003 Magic Bullet Infomercial!

Season 1, Ep. 95

This week, we’re talking about the classic, 2003 infomercial for the Magic Bullet. And we’re going to eat vegan versions a few of the recipes they demonstrated. 

Show notes:

  • If you've never seen this informercial, you can watch it on YouTube.
  • The Amazing Pasta Pot was the infomercial that Becky referenced.
  • Here's the 6-minute vegan queso I mentioned that doesn't use a blender at all.
  • We used Tofurky chicken-style seitan for the chicken recipes.
  • We don't own a Magic Bullet anymore. To make the recipes, I used an attachment for my Kitchenaid blender that's basically the same thing.
  • The high speed version of the Magic Bullet that we mentioned is the Nutribullet.
  • We made: salsa, curry chicken salad, cheesy chicken dip, and a Just Egg scramble.

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