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Deborah De Jong

Deborah is a seasoned leader and consultant with experience working in a range of business operations. Having partnered in the foundation of Fantastic Furniture from concept to a multimillion dollar organization, Deborah knows the importance of putting people before numbers to build a successful enterprise.

As an interior designer for over twenty years the combination of retail experience and interior psychology have allowed her to become a successful adviser and designer to residential, retail and commercial sectors.

Deborah is passionate about assisting organizations unlock the power of behavioural understanding to successfully accomplish business goals. She works with leaders to further develop their organizational goals and to build collaborative teams that can execute.

In partnership with DNA Behavior International™ Deborah provides a suite of behavioural management solutions to help businesses "know, engage and grow" their executives, departmental and team leaders, employees and clients.

Human behavioural issues hidden deep below the surface are connected to 87% of business performance challenges which are quantifiable in terms of lost revenues and productivity.

• 40%+ increase in personal productivity

• 70%+ increase in team productivity

• 23%+ increase in revenue

Deborah works with organizations to focus on putting behavioural intelligence at the fingertips of business leaders, sales teams, customer service and operations teams together with their marketing service providers to help them navigate the human differences in their business for unlocking performance potential.

Using a hub of online human behaviour solutions powered by DNA Behavior Discovery Systems™, together with her own practical hands-on experience.

Because it can be easier to connect with others when you know what their communication preferences and desires are, Deborah has built her network using Communication DNA Discovery Process.

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