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Tales to Terrify 561 Nautical Flash Contest Winners & Maureen O’Leary

Ep. 561

Welcome to episode 561 and Happy Halloween! This week we present the winners of our Nautical Flash Fiction Contest! Then, to really get you in the spirit, we have an extra scare about a woman’s obsession with the echoes of past trauma and an innocent family caught in its vortex.


Good Evening: Happy Halloween, Thank-you: 00:01:06

[Runner-up] A. M. Call’s The Gift of the Abyss as read by Jasmine Arch: 00:07:39

[Runner-up] Helena O’Connor’s The Curse of the Eldritch Mermaid as read by Bryce Dahle: 00:19:56

[Runner-up] Deirdre Cole’s The Merrowmen as read by Georgia Cook: 00:35:31

[Winner] Deirdre Cole’s Bells Made of Bones as read by Emily Strand: 00:45:43

Maureen O’Leary’s A House is Haunted as read by Andrew Gibson & Krystal Hammond: 00:56:45


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