Tales to Terrify


Tales to Terrify 583 Ai Jiang, Brooke Brannon & Elizabeth Broadbent

Ep. 583
Welcome to our final episode of Women in Horror Month. First, we meet Nichelle Giraldes and her upcoming novel, “No Child of Mine.” Then, we have three tales. A woman’s anxiety manifests in an unnerving way. A man seeks to justify the murder of his wife’s lover. And a man who learns that, in his small town, blood means everything.COMING UPGood Evening: Flash Contest, Thank You: 00:01:06Women in Horror Month – Nichelle Giraldes: 00:04:25Ai Jiang’s Dancing with Etta as read by Amy Paonessa: 00:09:24Brooke Brannon’s Little Sister as read by Andrew Gibson: 00:22:43Elizabeth Broadbent’s For Thine is the Kingdom as read by Seth Williams: 00:29:09PERTINENT LINKSSupport us on Patreon! Spread the darkness.Shop Tales to Terrify MerchNichelle Giraldes  Nichelle Giraldes on Instagram (@nichellegiraldes)Nichelle Giraldes on TikTok (@nichellegiraldes)Nichelle Giraldes on Twitter (@nichellegira)Nichelle Giraldes | Preorder “No Child of Mine”Horror Spotlight Nico Bell’s list of Feminist Horror Writers Jeremiah Dylan Cook’s WiHM listAi JiangAi Jiang on Twitter (@AiJiang_)Amy PaonessaAndrew GibsonAndrew Gibson | The Narrator Nook Discord Andrew Gibson | The Haven DiscordAndrew Gibson | Ghost River by Chad Ryan on AudibleElizabeth Broadbent on Twitter (@eabroadbent)Original Score by Nebulus EntertainmentNebulus on FacebookNebulus on InstagramSPECIAL THANKS TOAmanda CarrilloAmanda GottfriedLestle BaxterOrion D. HegrePaul Belcher