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  • 11. Life, More or Less : Chapter 11

    Zara and Andrea have reached Dr. Pardona's office on the top floor of Helscorp.When faced with all the answers, every perspective, and every opportunity what decision will Zara and Andrea make.Find out in the intense Final Chapter of Life, More or Less. The First Season of Tales from Metra.Thank you so very much for listening.

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  • 10. Life, More or Less : Chapter 10

    Zara and Andrea have kicked the hornet's nest enough times to get invited inside.They head back to Metra to tie up any loose ends they might have, and to go the Helscorp for a face to face with someone they assume is behind the ghoul fighting pits.
  • 9. Life, More or Less : Chapter 9

    Zara and Andrea have found a way into TheroChem, one of the major corps in Centra. They are planning to use this opportunity to use the corp machines and identify the mysterious green compound Zara stole from Nick Buck before accidentally turning him into a ghoul.
  • 8. Life, More or Less : Chapter 8

    Now set up with their secret identity "Juice" on the fight feeds, Zara and Andrea have caught their first fish.With threat of blackmail, a chemist at a major corp has agreed to help them identify the mystery substance Zara accidentally injected into Nick Buck back at the robot sex shop in Metra.
  • 7. Life, More or Less : Chapter 7

    Zara and Andrea have left Metra, but Zara has taken measures to cover her tracks. They've set up in the sister city Centra, and with the help of some black market tech dealers, they're planning to log on to the dark web, and start betting on the ghoul fights.
  • 6. Life, More or Less : Chapter 6

    Nick Buck is back from deep cleansing a farm in the outskirts and wants to take Zara along to a grimy job at a robot sex shop.How deep into the underworld can Zara get before it's too dark to see?
  • 5. Life, More or Less : Chapter 5

    Award-Winning Journalist Zara James is struggling after a face to face encounter with a ghoul that didn't end the way she had hoped. Now she's waiting to here back from her sources, and getting ready so she won't be caught of guard the next time she finds herself in a precarious situation. In the meantime, she reconnects with Andrea as she figures out her next move in the hunt for the people who took her fiancé.