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Ep #09: Why We Need a Common Standard for Sustainable Reporting

Are you paying enough attention to the future needs of your children? Your grandchildren? That is the question driving Conor Kehoe, Chair of the IIRC Council, Senior Adviser and former Senior Partner at Mckinsey & Company. 

Striving to make integrated reporting and accounting practices mainstream, Conor is concerned that while Millennials are in the driving seat, demanding corporations have a positive purpose, are they themselves doing enough to influence politicians.

On this episode of Summa & Friends, Conor joins Reynir and Vesna to discuss why we urgently need a common standard on sustainable reporting. Because the only way you can be certain change is happening, and that we’re heading in the right direction, is if you measure and report on it and keep everyone accountable for it.

To find out more about Conor’s work with creating this common standard for integrated reporting and accounting, and the work of the International Financial Reporting System (IFRS), download and listen to this episode. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Why integrated reporting and accounting needs to become mainstream practices
  • The benefits of impact investing and sustainability reporting
  • How to create a global set of standards
  • Why younger generations need to get more politically involved

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