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Ep #17: The Power of Directing Capital

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been described as a business plan for the world, highlighting 17 broad problem areas for which the world needs to find solutions. While originally intended for governments, the UN SDGs is also a powerful framework for investors who have both financial and sustainability objectives. 


Creating truly sustainable portfolios is hard and requires a fundamental rethink of the entire investment process to incorporate impact as a third dimension, alongside risk and return. So, says Carsten Stendevad, co-CIO for sustainability at Bridgewater who shares his perspective on the challenges and rewards of building sustainable portfolios in today’s episode.


On today’s podcast:


●       Bridgewater’s sustainable investing journey

●       How Bridgewater applies their systematic research approach to sustainability

●       Assessing net zero alignment – from macro to individual players

●       Balancing return, risk and impact to achieve strong financial and sustainability outcomes

●       Reflections on a sustainable future

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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Ep #18: The Theory of Change & Circular Economy

Over 20% of Europe’s CO2 emissions are a result of a linear economy, a number which can be reduced by 55% if we transition to a circular economy, says Bertrand Camus, former CEO of French multinational utility company SUEZ, now partner at Summa Equity. But that’s not the only reason to make the change… Moving to a circular economy has a potential value creation opportunity of between EUR 1-2 trillion, not to mention all the jobs that go along with that. And given the size and magnitude of what needs to be achieved to get there, there is room for anyone who wants to play a role in this great journey we need to embark on. So, how can you get involved? To learn more about Summa’s work in waste management, and to hear Bertrand discuss the theory of change, and reveal the massive opportunities that lie in the circular economy, download and listen to this episode today. “It's one of the most fantastic investment opportunities that I've seen, where you can really invest to create value and create jobs, and address the resource problem that we have, and the climate change issues and CO2 emissions that we have.”On today’s podcast:What the future looks like Understanding the theory of changeThe opportunities in a circular economy What needs to be done to make circularity a reality in Europe Links: