Summa & Friends


Ep #04: Why Values, Behaviour & Culture Build Better Businesses

Summa Equity has multiple points of differentiation from other private equity firms, not least in that they deliver great returns in a sustainable way, powered by the right cultural values. 

But what are the right cultural values, and why is it so important to define behaviour? 

On this episode of Summa & Friends, early investor in Summa, Mirja Lehmler-Brown, founding Managing Director and Partner at Hayfin Capital Management Private Equity, explains why values, behaviour and culture build better private equity businesses.

But more importantly, she shares advice for how you can create the culture you want. 

Download and listen to find out more. 

On today’s podcast:

  • The decision to invest in Summa
  • Why values, behaviour and culture build better businesses
  • Creating a fun culture at work
  • Why diverse mindset delivers value
  • Do culture due diligence

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