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Ep #11: Leading Despite Ambiguity in the Sustainable Investing

How do you lead despite ambiguity in the world of sustainable investing? That’s the question Zoe Bulger, Impact Manager at Summa Equity is discussing on this episode of Summa & Friends. 

With more traditional actors entering the Impact ESG space, and lots of regulatory movement as well, Zoe shares some of the challenges and shifts defining this moment

With a background in the social sector focused on supporting mission-oriented founders and organizations, Zoe’s role at Summa is all about integrating impact ESG across the investment process and across portfolio companies, as well as the reporting side of it.

On today’s podcast:

  • The challenges and shifts defining this moment in impact investing
  • How do you stay the course despite the ambiguity of regulation?
  • What’s the impact of Article 9?
  • What is a theory of change and how does it work?

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