Summa & Friends


Ep #01: Welcome to Summa & Friends!

Climate change, social inequality, resource inefficiency - these aren’t the problems a select few individuals face… These imminent global challenges are going to impact all of us, if we don’t act now.


So, asks Reynir Indahl, founder of private equity firm Summa Equity, do you have the courage to care about a wiser future?


In this inaugural episode of Summa & Friends, Reynir invites listeners to join him in addressing the most pressing of challenges. We need to stop thinking in terms of ‘me’, says Reynir, and start thinking in terms of ‘we’. Because we’re all in this together. And you don’t have to suffer financially or socially to optimize for the planet.


How can a private equity firm make a difference to climate change? And what can you do to play your part? Download and listen to find out. 

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