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  • Monkeypox: Just What The Pox is going on?

    This is just episode one, of QueerAF's new podcast about Monkeypox. it has stories and resources without shame or stigma - "It's what I wish I'd had." Listen to the whole series by searching 'What The Pox?'... Monkeypox. That’s what What The Pox? is all about - a ‘poxcast’ if you will. Quite a lot of people have got it or had it at this point. I’m one of them. And it was not fun.When I was home alone with Monkeypox in all kinds of pain, feeling scared and alone I had very little information. So I went online to find help.And guess what? There wasn’t much official advice.But I did start talking to all kinds of people: experts, people who’ve had the virus, and to those who see this outbreak as part of a much bigger picture. We’ve spoken to those on the frontline of the response, and trying to understand this virus, including at 56 Dean Street, NAM Aidsmap, Prepster, Love Tank, London School of Hygine and Tropical Medicine and many more. It features contributors from the UK and US. What The Pox is the information and support I wish I had at my disposal when I was going through Monkeypox.Monkeypox is spreading worldwide - and for many of us queer people, the response feels a bit too familiar. You see history rarely repeats - but it often rhymes.Tune in to steal our insight on this virus, what it means for our community and how we should handle it. Together, let's work out just What The Pox? is going on?Listen to understand:What we know about the virus, and how it spreadsWhy we feel shame and stigma about catching itWhat the parallels are with the HIV outbreak in the 80sWhy this sits in a bigger picture with conversations about queer sex and health inequalitiesAnd crucially: What can we do next?Because before you start listening: I’ll let you in on a secret - we have the tools to manage this outbreak; we’ve just got to use them.It comes out every Wednesday, or you can sign up to support our show - and unlock all the episodes as soon as they are ready in the archive coming soon below. The first episode is out 7 Sep, 2022.Let's keep the conversation frank, honest, open and alive. Because, to borrow a phrase, silence = pox.Hosted by me, Martin Joseph, an award-winning podcaster and comedian. What The Pox? is a QueerAF production.

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  • The media is failing queer people: This is how to change it

    Can we tell you how to change the way the media writes about queer lives? It’s a change we need urgently.From transphobia led by the press, media getting it wrong and regulator Ofcom and the BBC signalling, queer lives are up for debate. It’s a growing pattern that is spilling out onto the streets in the form of rising hate crimes. It’s time for an organisation to fight back. To advocate for us in the media. To show change is possible by commissioning and then supporting the voices who are too often left behind.Meet QueerAF, our new community interest company that builds on the previous work we've done here as an award-winning podcast. Find out how we're going to launch the careers of LGBTQIA+ emerging creatives - with a platform funding content, creatives and mentoring for people from marginalised queer identities - bring back the podcast. And show change in the media is possible. Or, make it possible. Join us here:
  • 8. Am I Asexual Or Ashamed Of Sex?

    Am I Asexual Or Ashamed Of Sex? Yes, it’s here. Another fantastic episode ahead by #QueerAF regular producer Jacob Edward. And this week, we’re talking about a spectrum of feelings when it comes to sex, the differences between asexuality and sex shame plus Jacob, who used their portfolio to get a job Radio One’s first non-binary presenter shares boldly and bravely.Listen to the latest episode and subscribe (rate and review) #QueerAF now on Spotify, Apple and podcast apps everywhere. Support Producer Jacob EdwardFirst nonbinary presenter on @BBCR1 (Xmas 19) | Either on a train or on the radio | Gaydio Presenter, Queer Culture Podcast and Twitch Streamer. LGBTQ #QueerAF track of the week:Eve Westwood @evewestwoodmusic National Student Pride 2020 This season is inspired by National Student Pride's themes:Carving out space for womxn in the communityQueer SexDisabilityResearching the Rainbow (STEM) Visit  We are #QueerAF. And so are you.
  • 7. How can you be single, queer and happy?

    How can you be single, queer and happy?Growing up in the 90’s things seemed pretty simple.  You get to your mid-twenties, find someone you are attracted to who lives in close proximity, get married and live a happy life. But Martin could never relate to any of this because he is gay. Cut to now, aged 32 and a little jaded by love – he has no desire for marriage or a partner. But can he still be happy? On today's episode of #QueerAF, he goes on a journey to find happiness and comfort in being single...Listen to the latest episode and subscribe to #QueerAF now on Spotify, Apple and podcast apps everywhere. Support Producer Martin JoesephPodcast Producer - ‘Voices With Sally Morgan’ / ‘The Clueless Mum’ – Host - 1/3 Of @realbrunchpod LGBTQ #QueerAF track of the week:Girl In Red: Kate’s Not HereGirl In Red on Instagram @girlinred National Student Pride 2020 This season is inspired by National Student Pride's themes:Carving out space for womxn in the communityQueer SexDisabilityResearching the Rainbow (STEM) Visit We are #QueerAF. And so are you.
  • 6. Access All Rainbows: Being LGBT+ and Disabled – Live Episode

    Recorded live as part of National Student Pride, at the University of Westminster in collaboration with the university's Creative Enterprise Centre: We present Access All Rainbows.Join our conversation about being LGBT+ and disabled, considering; Hidden disabilities, access, perceptions on ability and, support in relationships.The Speakers:Jamie Wareham – University of Westminster Alumni Jamie Wareham is the Head of Digital Production at Attitude Magazine and host of National Student Pride's podcast #QueerAF. Jamie recently spoke at the inaugural WINC festival about coming to terms with his hidden disability, and how that has become part of his wider queer intersectional identity.Callum Dziedzic –Callum is a script editor working in TV drama. He is an alumnus of the University of York’s Film and Television Production degree and Channel 4’s Production Training Scheme. Since graduating he has assistant script edited Ackley Bridge at The Forge, and Giri/Haji, a contemporary bi-lingual thriller produced by Sister Pictures for BBC Two and Netflix. More recently, Callum has developed an international nuclear armament thriller with Pulse Films and Netflix and has returned to Sister Pictures to script edit an upcoming comedy drama for BBC Two.Callum was born with Tetraplegic Cerebral Palsy and uses a manual wheelchair for mobility. To him, the act of storytelling in film and television is intrinsically inclusive and universal. Ultimately, a great story can come from or captivate anyone, and it should not just be regarded as a means of self-expression but also as a way of levelling the playing field for all.Char Bailey - Char is a celebrity life coach, acclaimed writer and speaker. Black, lesbian and autistic woman, she is the co-host of the Qmmunity podcast and well-being ambassador for UK Black PrideSee more: Student Pride 2020 This season is inspired by National Student Pride's themes:Carving out space for womxn in the communityQueer SexDisabilityResearching the Rainbow (STEM) Visit We are #QueerAF. And so are you.
  • 5. Dustin Lance Black, Lady Phyll, Evan Davis | Building Our Queer Family's Future

    A live episode of #QueerAF, guest hosted by Evan Davis with Dustin Lance Black and UK Black Pride's Lady Phyll.An Oscar-winning screenwriter and the co-founder of UK Black Pride chat to BBC broadcaster Evan Davis to headline our daytime festival (Sat 22 Feb).Dustin Lance Black first appeared at National Student Pride in 2015 and has gone on to start a family with Olympic diver Tom Daley.Lady Phyll is a trailblazer within the UK LGBT+ community. As well as co-founding UK Black Pride, she sits on multiple boards including Stonewall and the Trades Union Congress.This exclusive talk will be released as a live episode of our #QueerAF podcast.
  • 4. Did you get a haircut to work out how to be queer too?

    Does Rosa need to get a queer haircut to feel part of the community? That’s what she explores in her university town of Bristol this week on #QueerAF. Meeting the towns local queer hairdresser who has been helping trans, non-binary and LGBT+ people feel more at home with the identity they want to show to the world. And despite Rosa’s love for her femme, long hair. She wonders after seeing so many people get empowered by having the chop – whether she wants to or should have a queer haircut too. Something, by the end of this episode she resolves – for better or worse.  Subscribe to #QueerAF now on Spotify, Apple and podcast apps everywhere. Producer Rosa EatonRosa Eaton is the Charles Parker Award winning Radio Producer, Theatre Maker and Artist. Eager to tell true stories, with a special in sex and death. (She/her)  LGBTQ #QueerAF track of the week:Dan Bowskill’s Lick It Back is on YouTube. Find Dan on Twitter @morethanmusic1 National Student Pride 2020 This season is inspired by National Student Pride's themes:Carving out space for womxn in the communityQueer SexDisabilityResearching the Rainbow (STEM) Find out more about the festival, back on the 21st-23rd February, and visit – where we have yet another amazing star-studded live podcast recording on the main stage. We are #QueerAF. And so are you.