Strangers on the Internet


Special: Exclusive Interview with Writer Aimee Lutkin

Season 2, Ep. 25

On this special episode, Irina and Michelle talk to writer, director, and performer Aimee Lutkin. Her memoir "The Lonely Hunter: How Our Search for Love Is Broken" has made waves through its poignant account of how society treats the perpetually single. Aimee discusses how the world is structured around couples and how marriage has morphed over time in ways that can leave people feeling more isolated than ever. What are some of the best and worst parts of being single? How have dating apps affected the ability to find love? Do many people who want to remain coupled engage in compromises that lead to unhappiness? Aimee shares her frank opinions with the Dating Professors in an episode you're not going to want to miss!

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Aimee's memoir “The Lonely Hunter: How Our Search for Love Is Broken”

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Aimee’s essay on doing all she was told and still being alone

Aimee’s essay on how to get comfortable dating again

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