Strangers on the Internet


Guest Chat: Catfishing Beyond the Tinder Swindler with Anna Rowe and Jennifer (Part 1)

Season 1, Ep. 5

On the podcast's first-ever guest episode, Irina and Michelle talk to two women whose existence was turned upside down by male catfish from dating apps. British teaching assistant turned international anti-catfishing activist Anna Rowe thought that Antony Ray was the perfect mate. How the unassuming mother of two put Sherlock Holmes to shame in her hot pursuit of his real identity and how she got fired in her search for justice will leave your head spinning!

Meanwhile, Midwestern academic Jennifer spent years with a man and had her (fourth) child with him without a clue about his double life. Was he actually married to someone else and cheating on both his wife and Jennifer with a third woman? Come learn how our guests unmasked their catfish and rebuilt their lives after being thrown into narcissist-engineered chaos, and find out how YOU can avoid catfish.

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