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Comedian Steele Saunders brings top shelf Star Wars chat with plenty of laughs. Make sure you check out Ep 163 with Ben Mendelsohn talking in-depth about his role in Rogue One as Director Krennic. . Fan Favorite Host 2017 Star Wars podcast awards. N...

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  • The Acolyte Trailer Live Reaction

    Youtube video : The Acolyte Trailer live for the first time! After everyone is dropped off at school and work I'll be watching The Acolyte Trailer for the first time live on the show.I have not even watched the bootleg of the Celebration version so I'm super excited to seeing my first glimpse. If you're free come chat and join in the fun.

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  • Star Wars Year By Podcast : 1988 Ep 36

    Hawes Burkhardt (Blue Harvest Podcast) & Steele Saunders (Steele Wars Podcast) discuss the history of Star Wars while browsing the Star Wars Year By Year book. The second half of 1988 has Monk's rocking Skywalker Ranch, Brazil gets some insane Kenner toys and George Lucas heads to Japan and drops one of the dopest advertising campaigns of all time.  Plus Tucker along with Tucker's dreams! Hear / Watch all 35 previous Star Wars Year By Podcast episodes and UNLOCK 900+ EPISODES ON PATREON : Wars Stickers and sale T-shirts :
  • The Bad Batch & Other Stuff with Corey!

    The Bad Batch & Other Stuff with Corey!VIDEO :
  • Star Wars News Catch Up With Hawes!

    Let's get up to date on all the latest Star Wars chat! Rip Carl Weathers, The Acolyte, Andor, The Bad Batch and more.Video link : HERE
  • Is The Mando Movie A Good Sign For Star Wars?

    I just got off a 14 hour flight to this news. Let's chat to Hawes from the airport!VIDEO LINK
  • Star Wars Year In Review 2023 Corey Awards

    Aubree, Corey, Hawes, King Tom & Robbo join us to break down the year in Star Wars and hand out some Corey Awards!VIDEO LINK
  • Hawes Calls 32 - Ahsoka S1 FINALE

    Finally it is here. Almost 2 hours of breaking down a show that finished months ago. What a journey. Lots of fun & rants.Hear / watch 100's of episodes at