Stalking Time for the Moon Boys with David Baddiel

David Baddiel and his mate Tim Hincks talk all things David Bowie. They spin out from there to anything and everything that’s funny, quizzical, and vaguely related to Bowie, or music, or their own mid-life crises.

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  • STFTMB S6E22

    David and Tim take a road trip to discuss the Pink Panther, and whether Andy Warhol really had a face like a rice pudding. 

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  • 21. STFTMB S6E21

    In this episode David and Tim discuss how Morrisey ranks his encounter with David Bowie, the creation of their own novelty record and whether Tim’s head can be used to rub things out.
  • STFTMB S6E20

    Tim and David discuss which Bowie album they would plead with their captors to be allowed to listen to if kidnapped, and the exact geographyof Hunger City from Diamond Dogs. 
  • 19. STFTMB S6 E19

    In this episode, the boys discuss milk-related incidents, tribute bands and (for the second time) whether midnight is too late for Paul Weller to be ordering a takeaway curry. 
  • 18. STFTMB S6 E18

    In this episode David’s just back from Australia and the boys discuss Spanx, Tim’s trip to A&E, a bizarre Bowie fan letter and more.
  • 17. STFTMB S6 E17

    The Moonboys discuss aeroplane toilets, Bowie egg cups, and the great expanse of Art Garfunkel’s forehead.
  • 16. STFTMB S6 E16

    In this weeks episode the boys discuss Bowie's favourite sandwich, stilettos, which sweets would be considered 'rock and roll' and more...Producer: Tom BradleyEditor: Hannah Varrall