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  • 4. Episode 4: Palestrina - 'Surge propera, amica mea

    Find out more about Palestrina's life and work and the music which showcases his inimitable style, the stile antico, with our extra time podcast. Group members Cara Curran and Jonathan Hanley chat to Professor Simon Ditchfield, Professor of Early Modern History at the University of York. Watch the full film at further listening:Song of Songs - Stile AnticoPalestrina Volumes 1-8 - The SixteenThe Call of Rome - The Sixteen

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  • 3. Episode 3: Taverner - 'Ave Dei Patris Filia'

    Find out more about John Taverner's life and work and his masterpiece, 'Ave Dei Patris Filia' with our extra time podcast. Group members Emma Ashby and Will Dawes chat to Dr Stephen Darlington former director of Music at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford and Emeritus Professor at the University of Oxford. Watch the full film at further listening:The Phoenix Rising - Stile AnticoMedia Vita - Stile AnticoMissa Gloria Tibi Trinitas - Christ Church Cathedral, OxfordJohn Taverner - Imperatrix Inferni - Votive Antiphones - Alamire and David Skinner
  • 2. Episode 2: Lobo's Versa est in luctum

    Find out more about Lobo's beautiful 'Versa est in luctum', with our extra time podcast. Group members Helen Ashby and James Arthur chat to musicologist and conductor Owen Rees from the University of Oxford about Lobo and all things Spanish from the 'Siglo de Oro'. Watch the full film at further listening:From the Imperial Court - Stile AnticoMusic for Philip - Westminster Cathedral ChoirAlonso Lobo - King's College LondonMusic for Philip of Spain - Chapelle du RoiMusic from Renaissance Portugal - Taverner Cambridge Choir, Owen Rees
  • 1. Episode 1: Ramsey's How are the Mighty Fallen

    Delve deeper into Robert Ramsey's masterpiece 'How are the mighty fallen', with our extra time podcast. Group members Andrew Griffiths and Kate Ashby chat to historian and Jacobean specialist Dr Clare Jackson from the University of Cambridge. Watch the full film at listening:Tune thy musicke to thy hart, Stile AnticoDialogues of Sorrow, GallicantusRamsey Choral Music, MagnificatPoetry in Music, The Sixteen