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NGI Architects: The Scuttlebutt Project

Season 1, Ep. 3

Scuttlebutt is a decentralised secure gossip platform based on peer-to-peer (p2p) messaging. Let's talk with people of the Scuttlebutt project on their vision, mission and the technology.

Guests in the show: Zenna Fiscella, Andre Medeiros and Anders Rune Jensen from Scuttlebutt.

Hosts: Mirko Ross, Mirko Presser and Manuel Noya from NGI Pointer.

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  • 5. NGI Architects: Peergos Project

    Peergos is a new foundation for the web where everyone has their own private space and can interact with others safely without coercionor control from big tech. Its foundation is a P2P E2EE global filesystem with fine grained access control.In this Episode we are discussing the idea, progress and outlook of the Peergos project with the project maintainers Ian and Kevin.The show notes:The Peergos Project Website: damage: bias: to democracy: account bans: addressing:
  • 4. NGI Architects: Quantum Secure Trust and Authentication

    Quantum Computing capabilities will weaken the currently used RSA encryption methods. A common widley used encryption method, being the foundation of trust and authentication in many internet security application as Kerberos and SSL. The TA4NGI project is working on a proof of concept for Quantum Secure encryption for authentication. In this Episode we talk with David Hubner and Peter Gietz from TA4NGI / about the trust and security challenge for Quantum Secure encryption.Hosts of the Show: Mirko Presser, Manuel Fugueroa and Mirko Ross of NGI Pointer.Links:https://www,ngi.euhttps://www.daasi.de
  • 2. NGI Architects: The SCION Project

    SCION is a Internet Architecture designed to provide route control, failure isolation, and explicit trust information for end-to-end communication. In this Episode of NGI Architects we talk with Adrian Perrig and Peter Mueller from the SCION Project about the concept of SCION and a future outlook.More Information:SCION:
  • 1. NGI Architects: The SOLID Project

    In this episode we are talking about the SOLID project in general and their specific contribution to the European Next Generation Internet (NGI) program. Tim Berners-Lee introduced the Social Linked Data (Solid) specification. This specification describes a set of rules that should ease the ethical storage and transfer of personal data. SOLID has been designed to build user centric privacy and data ownership to the Internet. But how does this work and what is needed to start with SOLID? The SOLID experts Ruben and Tom will explain the idea and concept of SOLID. Guests:Ruben Verborgh, SOLID Ambassador Tom Haegemans, CEO Links for this show: