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#360: Chopped Liver

Ep. 360

Happy New Year! Jon and CF are back, the Chopped Liver edition of the podcast, to talk about the things that Brandon and Stu won't talk about. Chiefly:

  • The NHL has a referee problem on their hands, and they're not doing anything about it
  • The Vikings are starting the wrong disaster at quarterback
  • We knew the Twins offseason was going to be bad, but I don't think we understood just how bad

If you want to know what kind of episode this was: this started with 15 minutes of tangents before we ever talked about anything related to sports.

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  • 363. #363: Just Because It's Right, Doesn't Make It Interesting

    Stu and Jon return, even though nothing has happened in Minnesota sports. Discussed:Glen Taylor finally shows us what KG's seen all alongWhat disease will the Wolves get before the playoffsThe Twins refuse to changeThe Vikings should pick as many players as they canSuper Bowl 27You know! All the big topics!
  • #362: The Worst Thing Judy Garland Ever Did

    We turned in our Super Famous Annual High School Hockey Preview right at deadline. Come for the matchups, stay for the facts. We never said they were fun. Mentioned: Bock Fest, arson, Jesse James, white flight, Egypt, CEO payouts, Edina notable residents, and what the word Mahtomedhi means in Dakota. We are all shocked to our core but choosing to believe it. Also another Top 6 and the return of our old friend audio problems near the end. We are so back.
  • #361: Raw-Dogging Reality

    Brand new year, same old us. Covered: Vikings QB options this offseason, NFL playoff teams rooting interest, Wolves/Wild, how to pronounce schadenfreude, a Top 6 and New Year’s resolutions. 
  • #359: Young Swarming D

    The whole gang is back as Jon ranks his most hopeless local teams in order. Was this a lazy way to generate content or a strategic move from Brox to get to brag on the Wolves for once? Yes and yes.
  • #358: BURGER DIVE

    The Wolves are amazing, the Vikings are a model of consistency, Chicken is angry, Stu is drunk. Two things that make no sense combined with two that do, so at the end of the day we're back to even and all is right in the world. Burger Dive.
  • 357. #357: He's Not A Fall

    On this show, Stu and Chicken and Jon discuss what it's like to actually enjoy watching the Minnesota Vikings; shrug resignedly about the Minnesota Wild; react in real-time to the Timberwolves getting into a brawl in Golden State; and rant explosively about college football. Plus, Stu has a Top 6 that's expressly designed simply to just make Chicken laugh. Join us!
  • #356: Excitement Bus Explosion

    The Wolves should be good, the Vikings keep winning, the Gophers beat Iowa, Brox is getting a garage heater and yet we still find things to complain about. Where there's a will there's a way.
  • 355. #355: The Pennywise Sewer

    Just in time for the Twins to return to the playoffs, Jon, Stu, and CF review our famous bro and turd predictions for 2023. This, of course, means that we also made our predictions for the Twins' series against Toronto (hint: 0-16) and also discuss our favorite Canadian provinces, as you do.