The Sportive

  • #350: The Monkey Bars to Prosperity

    Jon, B and Chicken rant about the Twins, half-heartedly argue about lotteries being fixed, rank parking lot beers and determine our Minneapolis mayoral candidacy positions.
  • 349. #349: The Water Tower's Filled With 2% Milk

    Stu and Jon talk through the crimes of Phil Cuzzi, the Loons' ongoing Emanuel Reynoso saga, and the geographic issues that the NHL won't talk about it. Plus, Stu's eyes glaze over as Jon talks about the NBA's silly in-season tournament, the population of San Antonio is discussed, and Stu's Top 6 brings back the great movies of 1998.
  • 348. #348: Timberwolves Post- and Pre-Fury

    The final episode of the Sportive "Making Up For Lost Time" trilogy is here. Jon and Brandon sit to, finally, discuss the end of the Timberwolves season, talk about what comes next, and get pre-furious about the Lore/A-Rod ownership era. Plus: An informative discussion of age-appropriate family vacations. Episode rating: ten cabin beers!
  • 347. #347: Whiskey and Syphillis

    It's part two of our epic three-night podcast residency. This time, Stu joins Jon to talk about the Vikings draft and to complain, or as the case may be NOT complain, about the current state of the Twins. Plus: the Top 6 Patio Beers, an inarguable ranking.
  • 346. #346: It's Not An Allegation

    After a long hiatus, we finally stopped trying to schedule the podcast and started just recording with whoever was available. This time, Jon and Chiken get together for a hockey-centric podcast. We kick dirt on the Wild season that was, talk about why the Wild might be screwed in the future, and read some Bill Guerin quotes to see if they make us mad... then go on to make fun of the rest of the Stanley Cup playoffs and the NHL either fixing or not fixing the draft lottery. But it's still too soon to talk about Gopher hockey.
  • #345: Laudner Mouthfeel

    Good times, just real good times all around. We (1:00) celebrate a big Gopher hockey win, (28:30) preview the Twins season including bros & turds, (55:00) somehow avoid a tantrum over the cursed Wolves season, and end with what Jon deemed the best Top 6 ever. He was hopped up on yardstick beers but he might be right.
  • #344: The Outback Steakhouse of Sports

    Jon, B and a few minutes of Chicken talk drinking and the Wild, then play a rousing game of “Which Wolves player would this season be?” which you will understand when you hear it (no you won’t). Then we get all old man on March Madness and end with some dad life. Real good times. 
  • #343: Dial 2 for Gord

    The boys are BACK. Items: (2:00) The Wild’s goalie issues, (31:00) Wolves predictions for the rest of the season and whether or not to trade KAT, (54:00) Stu’s increasingly insane Top 6 list, (1:01:00) Dadvice for out-of-town tournament parenting/partying strategies.
  • #342: An Entire Decade of Beige

    [Announcement horn] It's the TEN-YEAR ANNIVERSARY EPISODE. Jon, B, Stu and later Stu's better half celebrate the decade checkpoint with a live show at Surly. New locale, new show age, same old unprepared BS you know and love. Thanks for listening, friends. 🍻