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#318: Textbooks From Florida

Ep. 318

In order to reclaim our crowd as Podcast King of the Dads, we talked about humidity for five minutes to start this show.

After that, we just tried to avoid talking Twins as long as possible. This meant we talked about the Lynx, new women's soccer teams in Minnesota, and USA/Mexico until we finally had to start talking about Gerrit Cole's inability to answer questions. We also talked about the Wild's upcoming offseason, and spent a large chunk of time laughing about the situation the Packers are in, and then for some reason (read: Jon) we talked about Formula One.

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  • #358: BURGER DIVE

    The Wolves are amazing, the Vikings are a model of consistency, Chicken is angry, Stu is drunk. Two things that make no sense combined with two that do, so at the end of the day we're back to even and all is right in the world. Burger Dive.
  • 357. #357: He's Not A Fall

    On this show, Stu and Chicken and Jon discuss what it's like to actually enjoy watching the Minnesota Vikings; shrug resignedly about the Minnesota Wild; react in real-time to the Timberwolves getting into a brawl in Golden State; and rant explosively about college football. Plus, Stu has a Top 6 that's expressly designed simply to just make Chicken laugh. Join us!
  • #356: Excitement Bus Explosion

    The Wolves should be good, the Vikings keep winning, the Gophers beat Iowa, Brox is getting a garage heater and yet we still find things to complain about. Where there's a will there's a way.
  • 355. #355: The Pennywise Sewer

    Just in time for the Twins to return to the playoffs, Jon, Stu, and CF review our famous bro and turd predictions for 2023. This, of course, means that we also made our predictions for the Twins' series against Toronto (hint: 0-16) and also discuss our favorite Canadian provinces, as you do.
  • #354: Dean Lowry in Stretch Khakis

    Whoa hey it's our FAMOUS Vikings season preview episode. We cover it all: who's in, who's out, bros, turds, and wins. Then a few minutes on the Twins and Gophers at the end for good measure. Real, real quality content. We're all about the 'tent.
  • 353. #353: A Gopher Football Preview, Filled With Opportunistic

    WARNING: This episode is only for the Gopher football sickos. Jon is joined by his brother Dave and their fellow Gopher football nerd Shimul, and they run down the state of Gopher football, including an absolutely enormous amount of Remembering Gopher Football Guys. They go position by position with the team and week by week with the schedule, and for some reason former defensive coordinator Robb Smith keeps coming up, and if you don't remember Robb Smith then I'm not sure you'll enjoy this episode.
  • #352: Common Core Meth

    One of our hosts got kicked out of a youth baseball game, to the delight of the other hosts. Then we talk State Fair, posting strat, the Montgomery dock brawl, the Twins, and making sure we check our smoke alarms before this upcoming Wolves season. We are so back.
  • #351: The Walk-In Jeans Freezer

    Quick break from our summer vacation to talk NHL and NBA drafts, decide who's at fault for this Twins season (it's everyone), and recommend drinking a cabin beer over the weekend. Also we do a fun bit about Dahmer and use the word "lumbering" like 6 times for some reason.
  • #350: The Monkey Bars to Prosperity

    Jon, B and Chicken rant about the Twins, half-heartedly argue about lotteries being fixed, rank parking lot beers and determine our Minneapolis mayoral candidacy positions.