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SBR EAK: Dear Magpie '21 (Part 2)

Tune in as Sam Enfield receives some letters following their birthday! This episode is part of the Dear Magpie writing event and features fanworks, and thus exists in the realms of dubious canon.

Read a transcript here: https://hangingslothstudios.com/sbr-eak-dear-magpie-21-part-2/

Content Warnings

  • Mild existential horror
  • Creepy kids
  • Discussions of death and dying
  • Very mild implied threat of ambiguous danger
  • Graphic description of injury to skin (brief, concerning thorns piercing skin)
  • Graphic (but not gory) description of a dead person in a bizarre state

The letter about the dairy-saavy ghost was by KC (she/her). Tulia’s letter about a stolen heartbeat was by Clue (they/them). The letter from Esco at the Society of Unusual Phenomenon was by JF Standhope (they/them). The soft letter to Sam was by Sterling Moss (they/them). The letter from Foxworth Langdon is by Jess Beauchamp, a fabulous artist and friend of the show whose work you can find here: https://linktr.ee/kahahuna

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