Spirit Box Radio


SBR 1.4: Spotless

Season 1

This episode is brought to you by Stykler and Stykler: Ablutionary Specialists, here for all of your mundane and arcane ablutionary needs...

Now fully remastered!

Transcript available here: https://hangingslothstudios.com/sbr-1-4-inbox

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| Content Warnings |

- Background music of varying volumes

- Mentions of illness

- References to blood

- Descriptions of implied violence

- Abrupt loud sound effects

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Directed, edited and produced by Pippin Eira Major, the voice of Sam Enfield. This episode also features:

- Daisy Major as Regular Caller Beth

- Jessie Jeffrey as Kitty the Investigator

- Elara Ripley Leatherbarrow as Rhytidia Delphus, the Bog Witch

- With a guest appearance from Gary Major

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Spirit Box Radio is a podcast distributed by Hanging Sloth Studios under a Creative Commons Attributions 4.0 International Share Alike license. The show was created by Pippin Eira Major. More info about the show and its cast can be found on the Hanging Sloth Studios website. Music by Maybe Wednesday. Songs in this episode are: Deus Eerie, Baby Arcana, Spirit Box Silent Night, He's a Florist, and Lazy Danse.

The original version of this episode mentioned smudging. When the episode was written we were not aware this is a practice with cultural significance in many North American Indigenous tribes, and we're really sorry for this failure to thoroughly research on our part. The reference has been removed in the remastered version but we feel it is important to leave this note here. Smudging specifically refers to a specific, culturally significant act which was actively suppressed by the government. We did not learn of this until after another episode, SBR 1.14: Beast, also uses the term smudging to describe generic burning of herbs. In future, Spirit Box Radio will refer to the burning of herbs performed in the show more accurately as 'smoke cleansing', if at all.