Spirit Box Radio


SBR EAK: Dear Magpie '21 (Part 1)

Tune in as Sam Enfield receives some letters ahead of his birthday! This episode is part of the Dear Magpie writing event and features fanworks, and thus exists in the realms of dubious canon.

Read a transcript here: https://hangingslothstudios.com/sbr-eak-dear-magpie-21-part-1/

Content Warnings

  • Discussion and descriptions of burnt, dead mice (not gory or graphic)
  • Discussions of death and dying
  • References to terminal illness (vague, low detail, non-specific)
  • Description of birds
  • Very mild implied threat of ambiguous danger
  • Canon-typical greiving and mourning of a neglectful caregiver

The letter about cursed calendars was by Kal Chapman (they/them). The story of being hunted by Apophis was by Sethame V Derat (any pronouns). The letter from Georgie, who isn’t Georgie from Dyserth, is by Foxglove (they/he). Sian’s letter about an unsociable Ghost is by Talfryn (he/they/she).

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