Spirit Box Radio


SBR 3.6: Balance

Season 3

Sam looks to restore equilibrium in the life in all the wrong places as the pressure of his current position continues to weigh heavy on him.

Transcript: https://hangingslothstudios.com/sbr-3-6-balance/

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Content Warnings:

  • Grief and references to past trauma
  • Distorted sound effects which include distant screaming and sounds of pain
  • Sounds of emotional distress (unsteady breathing, etc)
  • Characters in negative mental spaces expressing negative self-talk
  • Shouting/raised voices
  • Small explosions with glass

Spirit Box Radio is a Hanging Sloth Studios podcast written, directed, edited and produced by Eira Major. This episode starred Billy Bray as Scourge, Ripley Leatherbarrow as Rhytidia Delphus, Alex Peilober-Richardson as Anna, Will J Cummings as Oliver Boleyn, assorted cats as Revel, plus Eira Major as Sam Enfield. With special thanks to our crowdfunding co-producer Brynn E Albert. If you enjoy the show and want early access and bonus content, you can help us by supporting us on Patreon at patreon.com/hangingslothstudios. Spirit Box Radio is recorded in front of a dead studio audience.