Spirit Box Radio


SBR 3.1: Darker

Season 3

Hello, faithful listeners. Welcome back to Spirit Box Radio. It's been a while, and maybe broadcasting again isn't the best idea, but Sam wants to help people and he has the power to do just that, which means it's his responsibility. Right?

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This episode features a trailer for The Department of Variance of Somewhere Ohio, which you can learn about on their website, https://somewhereohio.com/.

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Content Warnings:

Background sounds and music

Stereo audio (audio will sound different in right and left speakers/headphones)


References to/implications of cannibalism

Mentions of death and dying

Emotional distress

Descriptions of a person in supernatural life-threatening distress

Child endangerment/neglect: mentions of and reference to

Negative self-talk from a main character

Manipulation, of a magical and mundane nature

Loud sound effects

Spirit Box Radio is a Hanging Sloth Studios podcast written, directed, edited and produced by Eira Major. This episode starred Jessie Jeffrey as Kitty, Will J Cummings as Oliver, Billy Bray as Scourge, and assorted cats as Revel, plus Eira Major as Sam Enfield.