Spirit Box Radio


SBR 2.38: Not Yet

Season 2

The Season Two Finale. Sam’s journey into the Arcane takes him to the least likely of places, and he must face the question: what if everything he thinks he knows about himself is wrong?

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Content Warnings:

Background sounds and music

Stereo audio (audio will sound different in right and left speakers/headphones)


Mentions of death and dying

Emotional distress

Threats of violence

Child endangerment/neglect: mentions of and reference to

Complex grieving of a neglectful parental figure

Negative self-talk from a main character

Manipulation, of a magical and mundane nature

Choking/spluttering on water

Death and dyingLoud sound effects

This season starred:

Jessie Jeffrey as Ekaterina Erzabet ‘Kitty the Investigator’ Enfield

Alex Peilober-Richardson as Anastasia Morgana ‘Anna’ Enfield

Will Cummings as Oliver ‘the Florist’ Boleyn

Billy Bray as Scourge

Beca Barton as Indi

Tais Grimberg as Bliss

Kay Watson as Ingra

Ripley Leatherbarrow as ‘the Bog Witch’ Rhytidia Delphus

Daisy Major as Regular Caller Beth

Elinor Wood as Madame Marie

Rose Eke as the Mystery Caller

Freya Meldrum as Show-Caller Emily

Lindsay Zana as Scarcity

Aaron Wolfe as Strife

Reba Yeo as Arlo

Tony Cullen as B

Élisa Grothé as Maria Gillespie

Alex Kingsley as Jay Magnum

Brandon Fields as Julius Hughes

Sanna Javed as The Garden Ghost

Nigel McKeon as A Cultist

Haruka Nami as A Cultist

Elliot White as A Cultist

Pippin Wood as A Cultist

Gary Major as The Man in the Flap Cap and Shell Suit

And me, Pippin Eira Major, as Samael Apollo Enfield, Heir Apparent to the Blood Rose Crown.

This show is written, edited, and produced by me, Pippin Eira Major.