Spirit Box Radio


SBR 1.40: Dynasty

Season 1

It was always coming to this. A boy. A house. A crown. A door. Samael, Heir Apparent. He speaks. He WILL be heard.

Transcript available here: https://hangingslothstudios.com/sbr-1-40-dynasty/

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| Content Warnings |

– Themes of grief, death, and trauma throughout

– Background Sound effects of various volumes, with panning effects (meaning audio may be different in left and right speakers/headphones/earphones). These sound effects include: creaking/groaning wood; thunder; ticking clocks; objects rattling; static.

– Threats of violence, including murder

- Off screen eye trauma (referenced)

– Door slamming

– Depiction of attempted emotional manipulation (of a major character by a non-major character)

– Vocal distortion (slight echo effect and reverberation)

– Relatively loud sound effects of explosion/destruction (these are slowly introduced and do not happen at random)

– Sounds of pain and physical distress (distant screams; gasping; wheezing; coughing; spluttering)

– Sound of a knife

– ‘On-screen’ major character death (temporary)

– Negative self-talk (light, infrequent, but persistent)

– Crying infant

– Sounds of a storm (thunder; rain; wind)

– Implied child neglect

– Complex mourning (not lingered on, but present)

Spirit Box Radio is a podcast distributed by Hanging Sloth Studios under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, and this concludes the end of season one.

The incredible cast of Season One has featured:

Jessie Jeffrey as Ekaterina Erzabet ‘Kitty the Investigator’ Enfield

Alex Peilober-Richardson as Anastasia Morgana ‘ Just Anna’ Enfield

Will Cummings as the Florist, Oliver Boleyn, the Unrelenting

Daisy J Major as Regular Caller Beth

Billy Bray as Scourge

Beca Barton as Indifference, or Indi

Tais Grimberg as Ignorance, or Bliss

Kay Watson as Ingratitude, or Ingra

Freya Meldrum as Show Caller Emily

Ripley as the Bog Witch Rhytidia Delphus and Stykler Senior

Mars J Brown as Stykler Jnr.

Rose Eke as the Mystery Caller

Elinor Wood as Madame Marie

with Gary Martyn Major as the Man Who Walks Here and There

It also starred me, writer, director and producer of the show, Pippin Eira Major, as Samael Apollo Enfield, Ghost-maker, Heir Apparent to the Blood Rose Crown, and host of Spirit Box Radio.

A huge thank you to our Patreon slothlings, without whom this show could not exist: Esther Phillips, Isaac Standen, Noah, Sushi, mothsintheattic, Sethame (AKA Karl the Melk Overlord), Kelsticks, Talfryn SmallerCrytid (AKA SBR George), MapleElliot, resident embroider extraordinaire Kal, Shelagh Hodgson, cast darlings Ripley and Billy, and all of the other slothlings too!

And of course, thanks to you, faithful listeners, for tuning in and getting spooky with us this season. Spirit Box Radio will return. Until then, stay spooky.

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Spirit Box Radio is a podcast distributed by Hanging Sloth Studios under a Creative Commons Attributions 4.0 International Share Alike license. The show was created by Pippin Eira Major. More info about the show and its cast can be found on the Hanging Sloth Studios website. Music by Maybe Wednesday. Songs in this episode are: God Rest Ye, Deus Eerie and Heir Apparent.