Spirit Box Radio


SBR 1.32: Ding Dong

Season 1

An incessant string of messages inspires a long awaited return to the Spirit Box Radio studio...

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| Content Warnings |

- Background music of varying volumes

- Distorted audio (brief, contained segment towards the beginning of the episode)

- Static (brief, two instances between minute 2 and minute 5)

- Descriptions of past child neglect

- Panic attack (with the sound of hyperventilating, which is resolved)

- Mentions of hospitals (brief, undetailed)

- Mentions of blood (from a nosebleed, AND during childbirth)

- Descriptions of unhealthy pregnancy

- Description of unsafe childbirth (no support, with blood)

- Descriptions of screams of pain (no sound effects)

- Thunderstorms (descriptions of)

- Thunderstorms (sound effects of rain and thunder of varying volumes)

- Mentions of locking up a child

- Self-loathing and negative self-talk

- Sounds of emotional distress (shaky voices)

- Crying/sniffling (very mild)

- Implications of murder or wrongful death

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Directed, edited and produced by Pippin Eira Major, the voice of Sam Enfield. This episode also features: Jessie Jeffrey as Kitty 'the Investigator' Enfield; Kay Watson as Ingra; Beca Barton as Indi; Tais Grimbery as Bliss; and Alex Peilober-Richardson as Anna 'Anna' Enfield.

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Spirit Box Radio is a podcast distributed by Hanging Sloth Studios under a Creative Commons Attributions 4.0 International Share Alike license. The show was created by Pippin Eira Major. More info about the show and its cast can be found on the Hanging Sloth Studios website. Music by Maybe Wednesday. Songs in this episode are: Deus Eerie, Baby Arcana, God Rest Ye, He's a Florist and Growing Suspicion.