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Spinning Plates with Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Episode 48: Polly Morgan

Season 5, Ep. 48

This week’s guest is artist Polly Morgan. She's a taxidermist and uses animals in her art. At the moment she's making sculptures using stuffed snakes. So, she's an artist who works in a basement where she has a freezer full of dead snakes (!), but she is also a mum to two little boys, Clifford and Bruce. Polly had her boys through IVF after suffering a burst appendix which damaged her fallopian tubes. She talks to me about her journey to getting pregnant, how working makes her a nicer mum and about the practicalities of having her eggs frozen.

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  • 107. Episode 107: Laura Lee Dockrill

    Laura Lee Dockrill is an author of both adult and children's books. She went to Brit School, she's married to the love of her life, musician Hugo White, and her best friend is Adele.After giving birth to her son Jet, Laura suffered severe postpartum depression which saw her waking up alone in a psychiatric ward on her first Mother's Day. One of her books based on her experience is called What Have I Done?She also has a new children's picture book out next year called Gray. It's about depression and illustrated by Lauren Child.Laura is positive and funny and lovable and it is such a joy to see her recovered and happy while still able to share her experiences, which I know will go on to help the 1 in 1,000 new mothers who also suffer from postpartum psychosis. Trigger warning for references to suicidal thoughtsSpinning Plates is presented by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, produced by Claire Jones and post-production by Richard Jones
  • 106. Episode 106: Helen Pankhurst

    Helen Pankhurst is a writer and a scholar who works for women's rights.  Her grandmother Sylvia and her great grandmother Emmeline were both suffragette leaders, and Helen carries her family name with pride. We talked about how Helen kept her family name of Pankhurst when she married, and about how she and her husband shared both their surnames with their children, in a clever way theat I've not heard before.I first met Helen when we were involved in a podcast for Care International, where we were lucky enough to talk with women from all around the world, many in crisis, but still finding joy in each other's stories, and sharing many of the same worries and issues, despite living in vastly different circumstances from each other.We also discussed the parallels being drawn between the direct action of the suffragettes, and the current Just Stop Oil protestors.We agreed how important it is for every one of us to use our vote 'to keep your piece in the jigsaw' as Helen beautifully put it. She also talked about the current campaign to bring the voting age down in this country, to include 16-18 year olds.I absolutely love how Helen has brought her children up with her personal motto of 'fun and purpose', and I can really see how that has helped her achieve her goal of leading a decent, fun life with her family around her.And by the way, all accidentally recorded on Emmeline's birthday!Spinning Plates is presented by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, produced by Claire Jones and post-production by Richard Jones
  • 105. Episode 105: Suzi Ruffel

    Suzi Ruffell is a writer and stand up at the top of her game, playing to packed audiences at her comedy gigs and with numerous TV appearances on panel shows. She also has two podcasts - 'Like Minded Friends' with Tom Allen and 'Out' showcasing gay success stories.  She uses her personal experiences of being ADHD, of having anxiety and of being the parent of a toddler, in her act. It's important for her to share the joys of family life, she says, because as a gay teenager she thought she might not get to be a mum, as she just didn't see other gay women with children, either in the media or in real life.Suzy told me about how she's changed the way she works since becoming a mum. We also agreed toddler tantrums are quite funny. And Suzi confessed her daughter often tells her she's not funny. I beg to differ!Spinning Plates is presented by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, produced by Claire Jones and post-production by Richard Jones
  • 104. Episode 104: Ruby Hammer MBE

    Ruby Hammer MBE is a make up artist and entrepreneur. I first met Ruby when she made me up for a Christmas cover of Red magazine. I love her hardworking ethics as well as her helpful and gentle honesty.I spoke to Ruby earlier this year and she told me how her family moved to the UK from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) during the civil war there. She talked honestly and movingly about her strong connection with her late mum, who had her at the age of 17. She also told me how she believes the layers and layers of love and discipline that you lay down as a parent, show up in your child as they grow up. She also shared how much she treasures her little grandson.Spinning Plates is presented by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, produced by Claire Jones and post-production by Richard Jones
  • 103. Episode 103: Rachel Riley

    Rachel Riley is the co-host and face of maths on Countdown and a self-confessed 'proper maths geek'. I first met Rachel 10 years ago when we were both on Strictly together. When we chatted recently we touched on those rollercoaster competition weeks, and the mild PTSD which Rachel experienced afterwards. However she also said she got some good things out of it, namely a lovely husband and two children.Last month Rachel picked up her MBE for services to Holocaust Education. She also told me about the vitriolic trolling that she suffered during her campaign against antisemitism, which coinicided with the birth of her first daughter.She and her husband, Pasha, are bringing up their two little daughters to speak both English and Russian, with a little Ukranian added into the mix.Spinning Plates is presented by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, produced by Claire Jones and post-production by Richard Jones
  • 102. Episode 102: Laura Whitmore

    Laura Whitmore is a broadcaster and writer. Born in Bray in Ireland, she started out in live TV after winning an MTV competition in 2008 and moved to London in her early 20s where she remembers being suddenly sent to LA to interview Coldplay. She told me how she thrives on being flung into the deep end and loves multitasking, which comes in handy when you are presenting live TV.  In 2022 she appeared on the West End stage in 2:22 A Ghost Story. Her most recent TV project is a documentary series for ITVX called Laura Whitemore Investigates, in which she looks at subjects of rough sex, women haters and cyber stalking. As she said, she doesn't like to be typecast.Laura is married to comedian Iain Stirling and they have a little girl who was born in 2021. Laura's mum and Iain were instrumental in her being able to go back to work during covid while her baby was still little. Laura is particularly private about her family life which she suspects is influenced by the treatment of her friend Caroline Flack, who she witnessed being so open with the press. Laura told me it will take her years to process taking over presenting Love Island from Caroline following her death.I felt very honoured to be asked into Laura's home to sit and drink tea, and to meet Mick the dog, who you may hear snuffling around now and again during our chat.Spinning Plates is presented by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, produced by Claire Jones and post-production by Richard Jones
  • 101. Episode 101 : Sam Dabb

    Sam Dabb has loved live music all her life and she has run the Le Pub music venue in Newport for decades. Le Pub is one of the 130 venues being supported by the National Lottery this summer, as part of the United By Music tour. I talked to Sam about her love of small gigs, about growing up in a pub herself, and about bringing her own daughter up in a pub and live music environment. We also talked about her frequent visits to the jungle in Calais, when her daughter was a teenager, to help the refugees living there. Spinning Plates is presented by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, produced by Claire Jones and post-production by Richard Jones
  • 100. Episode 100: Julia Haart

    Julia Haart is an American fashion designer, entrepreneur and author of her bestselling autobiography 'Brazen'. She was also the subject and executive director of the Netflix documentary series 'My Unorthodox Life', about her life as a working mother of 4, after she left her ultra-orthodox Jewish life.Julia updated me on her latest projects including a new type of shapewear that she has developed. She explained how her little daughter Miriam gave her the courage to leave her husband and their community, after she asked to play football as a child but was not allowed to because her knees would show.She also shared her three rules for being a good parent, and explained how work, for her, is freedom.  Julia is an inspiring speaker and I guarantee you will be inspired by her energy and passion!Trigger warning: references to mental health, wanting to commit suidcide, and eating disorder. Spinning Plates is presented by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, produced by Claire Jones and post-production by Richard Jones
  • 99. Episode 99: Kate Ferdinand

    Kate Ferdinand is a TV personality and author who is married to footballer Rio Ferdinand. Kate was best known on TV for appearing on Towie and now has a successful podcast called Blended. 1 in 4 families in Britain are now blended and Kate is stepmum to Rio's 3 older children Lorenz, Tate and Tia. She loves them as her own children. She and Rio also have a toddler called Cree and she is expecting a new baby next month. So soon she'll have five children, just like me!Kate talked to me about her two books. How to Build a Family, in which she shares tips about being a step parent. And a children's book called The Family Tree about a blended family but from a child's point of view.She talked to me very candidly about how she feels that she and Rio saved each other when they met. And having grown up in a blended family myself, I was genuinely moved by the love she so clearly has for their older children.Spinning Plates is presented by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, produced by Claire Jones and post-production by Richard Jones