Spine chillers and Serial Killers

Spine chillers and serial killers is a comedy podcast where three friends (Bex, Tash and Emma) talk about true crime and the paranormal but also laugh a lot, randomly sing and struggle to pronounce words (words are hard)

Rogue Transmissions: Friday the 13th

Samantha (MJ McAdams from Humble Hauntings and Octoberpod) and Calvin (J.T. from Brew Crime Podcast) are moving into their new, very haunted, home. All the items they find in the house still work without batteries or being plugged in. Throughout this journey, presented by Octoberpod, Calvin and Samantha will discover the terrifying secret of the 13th Hour. The revelations will shock you!It's Friday the 13th, the day when anything is possible.You are listening to Rogue Transmissions.Paige, of Reverie True Crime, comes over the airwaves to explain the origins of Friday the 13th. Why are people all over the world so superstitious, fearful, and consider this day the unluckiest of all?Next up, it's Brew Crime Podcast with J.T. and Mike! They're talking about Sam Patch. A daredevil, who dared a little too much one Friday the 13th, deciding to perform his biggest stunt involving a bear, Niagara Falls, and Genesee Falls.Hey! Curious Cat Podcast, hosted by Jennifer, is on now! She's discussing something mysterious and haunting. As of now, 15 feet have washed ashore on the coast of the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada and a few in the state of Washington that matched some of the other feet in British Columbia. Thirteen of those feet have been identified. Where are these feet coming from? Who do these feet belong to?Suddenly, Our True Crime Podcast, with hosts Jen and Cam, breaks through the static. They tell us about Samantha and Calvin, the love birds who are moving into this eerie home. Everything is not as it seems and you won't believe what is uncovered.Then, Nikki, of Serial Napper, comes on. The classic horror film, Friday the 13th, may seem unreal but Nikki tells us about a terrifying tragedy that occured in 1960 in Finland. Four teenagers went camping at Lake Bodom and were slain. This case seems like it is straight out of a horror movie, but unfortunately, these are true events that will make you second guess that summer camping trip.Spine Chillers and Serial Killers, hosted by Emma, Tash, and Becky, switches on. Their first story happened on Friday the 13th in 1972 when Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 was headed to Santiago, Chile. What happened is known as the Andes flight disaster, or the Miracle of the Andes. Then, we are presented with a disturbing occurrence from a Friday the 13th in 2012. Brittany Kilgore was murdered during, what she thought, was an S&M session. Lastly, you won't believe what happened on a Friday the 13th at 13:13 to a 13-year-old boy in Lowestoft, England.Thank you for listening to Rogue Transmissions.Brought to you by Edward, of Octoberpod AM on all podcast platforms and Octoberpod Home Video on YouTube, and J.T. of the Brew Crime Podcast, Crime Trials, Active Shooter, and more!