South Road Boys

South Road Boys

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  • 346. #346 Boo Sheet

    Joe surprises Troy with gifts from his time away and it's full of totally expected trickery and silliness. Joe meets a famous woman whose body is worth six million dollars. We've found one of Australia's most fun famous people.

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  • 345. #345 More Brandon Less David

    Strap in Rodies, this week Troy reviews the 1990 classic film "Laser Mission" with Brandon Lee (before he died in The Crow)
  • 344. #344 Air Fryer

    Joe tries to give Troy a cat and it doesn't go to plan, but there is a future Cat Plan. A Woman loses her job after filming a man on a date, but why was it so bizarre? The Police are more dodgy than Troy ever realised. When is an Air Fryer not an Air Fryer?
  • 343. #343 Laser Mission

    The Tour De France is nearly here and we ask the important questions - Is it too late for us to enter? Are we fit enough with no training? Can we use e-bikes? Will there be pastries on the way around? Also… Joe has brought some surprise gifts for Troy.
  • 342. #342 Location UnGnome

    Troy finally pleases Joe. French news shocks us. We remember back to when Gnomes in Penguin somehow ended up at different places and realise that social media of today would be the perfect answer to bring those little guys back home again. 
  • 341. #341 The Green Room

    We record in our new Podcast Studio. There's an issue with the order of Troy's collections. Joe becomes aware of the King of all Nerds. Is A.I getting out of control? Should streaking at events be badly punished? The secret travel diary returns.
  • 340. #340 The Green Golfer

    Troy has an epic disaster that he didn't see coming. Joe has a golf ultimatum for Troy and it may change their futures, but will Joe be up for the challenge, and will Troy trust that Joe is going to bring what he needs to the table?