Sorry, Partner


Samantha Punch Pulls No Punches

Ep. 32
English/Scottish champion Samantha Punch joins us to talk about when hobbies become passions and the role of empathy in partnership dynamics. Plus, she shares her top tip for developing players. But first, we kibitz!Samantha is the founder of BAMSA -- Bridge: A MindSport for All -- an academic research initiative developed in collaboration with bridge organizations to transform the image of bridge, to increase participation in the game, and to enhance its sustainability. She would like to thank all the bridge organisations, players and clubs who donated to the crowdfunding to enable the BAMSA research to happen, including the WBF, ACBL, ACBLEF, EBL, ABF. You can find more information about BAMSA here: on Twitter: @bridgemindsportOr on Instagram: @bridgemindsportOr on Facebook: Bridge A MindSport for AllRead more about Sam on Bridge Winners: your bridge stories and comments to @sorrypartnerpodcast on Instagram.Or send us a VOICE MESSAGE at (it's FREE!).Please consider supporting the show at Patreon: SORRY, PARTNER/PATREONLooking for some Sorry, Partner SWAG? Check out the Sorry, Partner Merch StoreJoin our MAILING LIST here.These links are also available on our website: if you have a bridge-playing friend who is not yet listening to podcasts in the car, on walks, or while doing the dishes, why not show them how easy it is -- and start with SORRY, PARTNER on Apple podcasts, or wherever you like to listen!