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Some Families is a podcast dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ families. Hosts Lotte Jeffs and Stu Oakley share funny, emotional and true stories from a diverse range of families – all through a queer parenting lens.

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  • 20. Questions From Our Straight Allies

    In the final episode of Season 2, we turn the tables and have parenting allies ask Lotte and Stu questions about being LGBTQ+ parents. Some Families reached out to the wider parenting community to help answer any questions about queer families, in a non-judgemental space. As one listener once said “As a straight parent of two young children who have friends from LGBTQ+ families, this is a great educational tool for myself and answers a lot of the questions I am afraid to ask / don’t ask.”So this episode, Marvyn Harrison from Dope Black Dads, Lorraine Candy author of 'Mum, What's Wrong with You?': 101 Things Only Mothers of Teenage Girls Know and Helen and Ellie from the podcast Scummy Mummies send their own questions in to Some Families. Plus Stu and Lotte reflect back on this season of the podcast and some of things they’ve learned from our fabulous guests. 

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  • 19. The small gift that made this whole word possible: donors, IVF addiction and parenting as people

    This week, in the penultimate episode of the series, Lotte and Stu are joined by Claire Lynch, author of the new book 'Small: On motherhoods’. Claire is mum to three daughters with her wife, who they had via reciprocal IVF. Her new book considers whether it is our smallness that makes our lives so big. LINK:
  • 18. TV’s finest Kieron Richardson a proud parent to four year old twins

    Actor, presenter and dad, Kieron Richardson joins the Some Families hosts, Lotte and Stu to talk about all things parenting from bedtime, swimmings classes and balancing his long shooting schedule with being a parent. Kieron had the twins with his husband Carl, four years ago via surrogacy. Lotte and Stu catch up on the representation of gay parents in TV shows, specifically Modern Family. Some Families is a StoryHunter Production
  • 17. Adopting Six Children with Complex Needs; The Single Dad who Started Adopting at 21

    We meet Benjamin Carpenter in this week’s episode. Stu caught up with adoptive Dad to six children with additional and complex needs. Benjamin talks about being the youngest single gay male adopter, as he wanted to adopt when he was 21, he discusses how he ended up adopting six children and the devastating loss of his son. Lotte and Stu catch up on meeting ally parents, and being misgendered. Some Families is a StoryHunter Production
  • 16. The Kids are Alright: Celebrating the stories of children in LGBTQ families

    Gabriela Herman is a Brooklyn-based photographer. She is a Mum and a wife and her mum came out when she was 15. At the time Gabriela found it difficult to come to terms with it because not only had her mum come out, but her parents were separating. It was when she came across COLAGE, the charity for people with a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer parents, that she decided to make a book about her experience, showcasing others experiences. Her book ‘The Kids’ came off the back of the question of the impact of being raised by LGBTQ+ parents. In the photo book she interviews kids across America who have been brought up by LGBTQ+ parents. Some Families is a StoryHunter Production
  • 15. A circular rainbow; with Paeton McGuire, a non-binary, sapphic, cisn't woman

    In this week’s episode Lotte and Stu are joined by Paeton McGuire. Paeton identifies as non-binary, sapphic, cisn't woman and came out in 2020. Paeton has two sons who are grown up and they talk about how they explained their transition to their sons, how lock down has affected their transition and what they think of binary gender norms. Paeton and their son organised the Tour de Trans which is cycling 'Across Britain and AcrossGenders’. To raising awareness of trans issues and starting positive conversation about gender identity. FUNDRAISING Families is a StoryHunter Production
  • 14. ‘I found a baby on the subway.’ Danny and Pete; The Subway Dads from New York

    In 2000, Danny Stewart was rushing to meet his partner Pete Mercurio for dinner, when he came across a new born baby at the exit of the subway station. Fast forward two years and they adopted that baby, Kevin, who is now grown up and at college. Danny and Pete join the hosts of Some Families to share their magical story and talk about the unusual circumstances that the adoption took place, what it’s like to be two dads and how that one moment in August 2000, changed their lives. Pete has written a children's book about their story called Our Subway Baby. Link here: Families is a StoryHunter Production