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  • 20. Snugcast: Back In The Pub

    Guess who's back, back again, Snugcast is back, tell a friendWe drink pints and have chats and drink pints na na na na

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  • 18. From Barley to Bladder

    The Snugcast lads are back with a long one. We spoke with Thomas O'Mahoney from "A New Brew Podcast". We got him on to help us give the pros and cons of Cans, Bottles and Pints but we went down a nonsense road. You'll enjoy this one.You can find A New Brew Podcast here:áinte.
  • Back Post Matt

    The lads take a pair of Pilsners down the Pilsner Prowl.....
  • 15. Sure, We'll Just Have The One

    We got back into a f****n pub!!! Well not really in, more like outside sipping some beautiful draught pints of Elevation Pale Ale by Wicklow Wolf and Citra Pale Ale by Yellowbelly Beer. The sights and sounds of outdoor dining reverberate through this podcast. Send us in your thoughts and pics on your outdoor pinting experience, and hopefully we'll be back in a pub again soon.You can catch us on:Instagram @snugcastTwitter @snugcastFacebook @snugcastGmail the
  • 17. The One Where We Forgot To Post An Episode

    Ah lads we're sorry... There's been some mad stuff going on with broadband providers.
  • 16. Bohemian I Like You

    The lads put Hope's Bohemian Pilsner through the rigorous juggernaut of a challenge that is the Pilsner Scoring Tool before wading through your questions and topics. For the first time in quite a while - listener's questions are back!
  • 15. Old Keller

    The lads sit down with Tommy Keighery to chat about nicknames of people throughout the ages, but first - the Pilsner Prowl. How does Kellerbier Helles Lager from Yellowbelly Beer stand up against some of the pilsners/lagers we have had so far in the infamous Pilsner Scoring Tool!