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Smith and Sniff

An Amphicar scam

Ep. 193

Jonny has been receiving some very strange emails. Also in this episode, an update on a household of Fiat Idea enthusiasts, cars seen from trains, pin-dropping interesting things, a Honda PAS nightmare, having a healthy obsession with tyre pressures, a selection box of batteries, getting mixed reviews for a new hat, Richard’s recent trip to the Bicester Scramble, the most impressive school run car, swans on cars, an embarrassing best man incident, 5th Gear stunts and Top Gear challenge cars, unusual police sightings, and a listener’s No Name Full Suspension Mountain Bike Guy experiences.


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  • 206. Smith and Sniff and Greg

    In a late night and quite boozy recording, Jonny and Richard are in a hotel room near Goodwood and joined by Greg James out of the Radio 1 breakfast show. Topics covered including driving to the Members’ Meeting in Alpine A110s, what Jonny has in common with James May, the importance of sleeping clean, a crazy wake-up routine involving Crockett’s Theme, Taylor Swift in an Audi A2, a Renault handbook wallet clutch bag, live press-ups. a Swiss-registered paddock scooter, a strange advert for bum tricks, Dynamo walking away from things, unexpected enthusiasm for the Toyota Carina E, ‘90s cricketers in sponsored cars, getting stuck with an MG ZT V8, Ian Botham-spec SAABs, cars of Pablo Picasso, Sue Barker in a Honda Legend, and the Dad’s Promotion Four-Speed Auto Executive Car Cup.
  • 205. Mustang country

    Jonny and Richard invent a new sub-genre of music. Also in this episode, Beyonce and a self-parking Lexus, topics only covered in country songs, annoying bings and beeps, more about touch screens from listeners who know their stuff, French car shows, acceptable accordions, being the Cathy Dennis of The Grand Tour, Citroen ZX trim levels, more on the Eagle Quest, Donald Trump’s Diablo, putting your name on the kick plates, the trials success of the Suzuki X90, and why the Licence To Drive poster from last week caused a listener’s dad to lose his temper in
  • 204. Massive turbos, terrible screens, and falling out of a moving coach

    Jonny and Richard canter through some excellent messages from listeners. Also in this episode, comedy tyre names, collapsed Discovery spotting with Chris Harris, more fixation about an Eagle Quest limousine, a review of ChatGPT in a DS 4, the real world economy of the Range Rover PHEV, Jonny goes trialling in a Kia Picanto, doing the Three Peaks Challenge in jeans, onion farmer weirdness, a puzzle about an ‘80s movie poster, a brief review of the new Roadhouse, and a yoghurt incident at a cricket match.
  • 203. The Malbec mechanic

    Jonny and Richard come up with a new idea for a late night YouTube channel. Also in this episode, Jonny is annoyed to find his Porsche 944 shooting break is just a dream, a Boxster estate from the Netherlands, reviews of the VW ID. Buzz and Peugeot 408, two years with a Volkswagen e-Up, an American listener has an unusual question about Rovers, the Rivian R3X and what it might look like, browsing eagles for sale, discovering you have a dangerous dog, spotting a discarded belt, and Richard’s Range Rover is for sale at last.
  • 202. Liquid egg

    A sighting of a funny company name on a lorry sends Jonny and Richard down a food industry rabbit hole. Also in this episode, stage 3 Lemsip, a dull story about a broken train, short journeys kill diesels, submersible drones and magnet trailers, RIP Marcello Gandini, the pointlessness of tank turning cars, Jonny’s running challenge, garaging worthless cars, an announcement about the Festival of the Unexceptional, spotting a manky Renault 12 in the wild, an algal Ford C-Max, Woollarding in Japan, a pub Uber update, why windfarms should use restomod windmills, and some new end music.
  • 201. A Veyron made of spam

    In the second Glasgow live recording Jonny and Richard answer questions from members of the audience. Topics covered include where to Woollard in Japan, how to pronounce auction, what sort of classic car DJ Khalid would be, dream road trips, cars you will never own, the perfect car for the North Coast 500, sleeping in boots, getting trapped in cars, Chevy Blazer v Ford Explorer, the Hyundai i20Enya, business advice, favoured road snacks, a young person with a Rover 75, the most interesting car in your neighbourhood, ideal car/band crossover, and the best hot hatch of the 2000s. 
  • 200. Episode 200, live from Glasgow

    For their 200th episode, Jonny and Richard record in front of an audience in a theatre, basically in Glasgow. Topics covered include a drum ’n’ bass version of the Taggart theme tune, the trouble with the Tesla yoke, Billy Connolly shirts, people who grip the wheel too hard, dot matrix nonsense, listeners’ coach driver memories, actual information about what Michael McDonald drives, an unusual tractor arrangement, Graeme Hall’s late night animal shows, what Jonny did on his birthday, the classic status of the mk1 Freelander, talking to the late Mike Smith about motorways, an early drone disaster, whether a Rover SD1 is a good wedding car, a brief update on Richard’s disastrous Panda, and what Sean Connery had for dinner every night.
  • 199. Standards, Kermit. Standards.

    Richard remembers a great Muppet Show line from Sam the Eagle and Jonny has been on a business success podcast. Also in this episode, what sort of dog the BMW X6 resembles, a weird car wash, mismatched wheels, cars with hubcaps, the joys of Brent Cross, Boxster coil pack issues and Panda 100HP woes, ordering an odd number of tyres, unreasonable fears about scaffolding, cars named after letters of the NATO alphabet, falling asleep on trains, VW special editions named after bands and the ultimate coach driver.
  • 198. School coach classics

    Jonny and Richard dredge up some childhood transport memories. Also in this episode, how sportspeople speak in interviews, old and new Renaults, a small Dacia trouser disaster, farewell to Steve Wright, taking the long way round to look at an interesting car, snow day skyving, and slightly too much information about islands.