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DIE ANOTHER DAY (PART TWO) with Paul Litchfield

Season 5, Ep. 29

This week we’ll be chilling out and getting straight to the point, while also being a bit rubbish, yes, it’s Die Another Day

Joining me to melt your cold, icy heart is Paul Litchfield. 

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  • 26. SMERSH HITS! GOLDFINGER with Rufus Wright and Alistair Petrie

    One from the archives, and the dark old days of 2020, when I had the pleasure to be joined by two of the suavest gentlemen in the world to chat all about Goldfinger, and what a pleasure it was. Joining me to hang around in, frankly too small, romper suits are a pair of the smoothest, suavest gentlemen actors you're likely to find at this time of the day anywhere in the world - Rufus Wright and Alistair Petrie.
  • 25. THE MEDUSA TOUCH with John Thomson

    TELEKINESIS: A mental force that enables this man to move objects and control events. Science cannot explain the awesome power of the mind. And nothing can control it. Richard Burton has THE MEDUSA TOUCHAnd it’s no coincidence that joining me to have a nice lie down and try to scare Shaw Taylor is John Thomson!
  • 24. HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE with Tom Neenan and Tom Crowley

    This week we’ll be combatting the return of Voldemort by forcefully encouraging the chosen one to throw himself into the arms of a questionable groomer.Yes, it’s Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.Joining me to show us all their dragon balls are the SNAKE BOYS, Tom Neenan and Tom Crowley.

    This week we’ll be duelling scared, battle hardened and positively dripping in intrigue as we examine just who is behind these Star Wars, and just what happens when you move on to practical fighting lessons with the younglings. Yes, it’s Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithAnd joining me to get out our big quaking lizards, is Tom Crowley
  • 22. SMERSH HITS! WITHOUT A CLUE with Paul Litchfield

    A classic from the vaults!This week we be donning our deerstalkers, polishing our magnifying glasses, and giving a full treatment of the sleuthing routine - yes, it’s Without a Clue. Joining me to hunt down the dreaded Arty Morty, is comedian Paul Litchfield, and Terry Wogan.

    Welcome to another Jurassic Smersh Pod, as we ponder just what would happen if we ignore an utter abomination and let it die a fiery death. We’d all be happier. Yes, it’s Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. And joining me to try and get blood from a clone, is David Hoare. 
  • 20. DEEP RISING with Dan Thomas and Dean Burnett (2021)

    A DEEP DIVE dip back to a Monday Night Movie Club from the dark old days of 2021.A personal favourite of the group. It was the end of our first "series" and therefore we were all a bit giddy. To hear more like it sign up for more here
  • 19. RETURN TO OZ with Natt Tapley

    Welcome to to the magical, marvellous mystical land of Oz. A place where stand up comedian chickens chat with fat arthritic robots, while witches with severed heads chase you across deadly sand dunes with wheeled PTSD machines roll into your waking nightmares. Yes, it’s celebrated children’s film Return to Oz.And joining me to put on his best shoes and head out to a HEN DO, is Natt Tapley. 
  • 18. STARGATE (PART TWO) with Dan Thomas

    Hello and welcome to Ancient Egypt. A beautiful place, filled with rich history - and you can’t say Pharoah than that. However the view Sphinx, and everyone is in DE NILE.This week we’ll joining some weird GIZA’s and boarding a Chariot of the Gods, to see what happens when we put our head through someone’s big old ring. Yes, it’s Stargate. Joining me to realise that there are no doorbells in Egypt, so he’ll we’ll have to toot and come in, is Dan Thomas.