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Small Town Dicks

9. Justice for Wilder

Season 13, Ep. 9

A desperate 911 call leads police to the home of a wealthy man and his live-in girlfriend. What they find is one of the most tragic scenes officers encounter, the death of a child. The adults maintain the death is a terrible accident, but investigators suspect something far worse. Chief Investigator Tye doggedly follows the trail of evidence until he's finally able to get Justice for Wilder.

Guest detective: Chief Investigator Tye

Chief Inspector Tye is a certified Texas Peace Office and has been since 2003. Currently, he works in the Wichita County District Attorney’s Office. He’s been police officer for the Wichita Falls Police Department (WFPD) for approximately 17 years, and spent 13 years assigned to the Special Operations Division, which includes the Organized Crime Unit, Tactical Unit, Gang Task Force, and SWAT. For approximately 13 years, he was dually assigned as a Task Force Officer to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Safe Street Task Force. Tye has assisted the FBI, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Homeland Security (HSI), and The United States Postal Service (USPS) with long term narcotic investigations that resulted in numerous arrests, convictions, and sizable seizures. In the course of his duties he has also assisted in many homicide investigations, including case murders resulting in convictions.

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  • 12. 12. Your Worst Nightmare

    The final episode of the season takes us to a small town in Canada, where a violent suspect named Billy Ray, is on the loose after he attacks his ex-girlfriend, Maria. A manhunt begins but authorities are unable to track him down. When Detective Constable Garry receives a disturbing report that Billy Ray has broken into Maria’s house, authorities continue the search but it turns out they've been looking in all the wrong places, as they race against time to save Maria from Billy Ray’s obsession.Guest detective: Garry RodgersGarry Rodgers has lived the life he writes about. He is a retired homicide detective, coroner, and SWAT Team sniper with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He has written and published 21 books as well as hosting a popular blog site called
  • 11. 11. Aftermath

    Police receive a phone call from a desperate daughter, who says her father is threatening to take his own life. Officers arrive and find the man sitting in his garage with the car running. They risk their own lives to break in and rescue the man. While the man is recovering in the hospital, he starts to mutter “she deserved it”. An alert Detective Bryson is there to hear it and begins to investigate - he quickly finds that the victim is also a suspect.Guest detective: Retired Corporal BrysonRet. Corporal Bryson served 21 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and retired in 2022 with the rank of Corporal. Bryson’s career was split evenly between patrol and the drug squad. In addition, he spent three years working on a Major Crime team as a detachment commander. As part of the RCMP, Bryson worked in communities as small as 1,400 people and as large as 90,000 people.
  • 10. 10. A Dirty Deal

    In quiet, suburban neighborhoods, illegal marijuana grows can be hidden in plain sight - even in states that have legalized the plant. They also are sometimes connected to other nefarious activities, as Detective Nick finds in today's episode. Through dogged work, Nick and his team discover two substantial illegal marijuana operations and in so doing uncover a dark web of abuse that's far more insidious and inhumane.Guest detective: Detective NickDetective Nick has been a police officer for just over 10 years. He has served as a Field Training Officer, Arrest Control Instructor, and was a detective for 4.5 years before being promoted to the rank of corporal where he now serves in the patrol division.
  • Thanksgiving Leftovers: Mother's Day

    Hello, Small Town Fam! Today we share a Small Town Classic, Mother's Day, which is really an episode about the importance of family and the healing that can come when we choose to open up to one another. Normally we would be off this week for the holiday, but we wanted to give our listeners a little something special as you recover from your turkey hangovers, heat up the cold mashed potatoes, wash a sink full of plates and pans, or prepare to make your way home from wherever it is you celebrated this year. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all, and we'll be back next week with a brand new episode of Small Town Dicks!
  • 8. 8. No Way!

    Officer Patrick gets called to investigate a complaint about stolen wages at a local restaurant and as he stumbles upon a decades-old DNA mystery that involves his own family. This is the story of how a small town detective, through a series of wild coincidences and lotto-level good luck, manages to solve the case of his life.Guest detective: Officer PatrickOfficer Patrick has over 20 years in law enforcement. Nearly half of the time was spent investigating financial crimes. As of this recording, he was back on patrol as a field training officer. He speaks Spanish and teaches an emergency vehicle operations course. Patrick’s hobbies are unusual: He’s an aerobatic pilot (currently looking to upgrade to a more badass airplane). He is raising a child with Type 1 diabetes.
  • 7. 7. Charlie Bear

    In Detective Matt's small town there is a spot called Fisherman's Cut. It's not easy to find - off the main highway, down a dirt road you'd probably never notice if you hadn't been there before, around a bend you can't see until it's too late. It's where, as Matt is getting ready to leave work for the holidays, someone reports finding a woman's dead body. Through a combination of keen observation and some good luck, Matt and his team find a suspect. The suspect is brought in for an interview. As Detective Matt begins his interrogation, he starts to wonder, 'Am I looking into the eyes of a serial killer?'The detective: Detective MattDetective Matt grew up in Pennsylvania. He joined the police department shortly after graduating college. He worked in patrol at first and then moved to the street crimes unit before he started as an undercover narcotics investigator. He went on to join a DEA task force and worked to infiltrate a group threatening a major political party’s national convention. He received a medal of valor for his efforts. He moved to another state and worked as a deputy for several years and is now retired from law enforcement.
  • 6. 6. CrimeCon Live!

    The usual suspects traveled to Orlando for CrimeCon ‘23 and took the stage for a special live episode - and we got you a front row ticket to the show! Our co-host and CrimeCon veteran, the one and only Paul Holes, leads the team in their live-show debut.
  • 5. 5. The Bodysnatchers

    Your favorite Scottish detective, retired chief constable Tom, brings us a gruesome case from the 1820s of how two depraved criminals went on a year-long killing spree while the rich and powerful of Edinburgh, Scotland all but turned a blind eye. Ultimately, the crimes of these two men brought about police reforms and social change but not before there were bodies everywhere.Guest detective: Ret. Deputy Chief Constable TomRet. Deputy Chief Constable Tom was one of Scotland’s most senior police officers. A graduate of Edinburgh University and The FBI Academy, his last role was as commander of a linked murder investigation, commonly known as The World's End Murders. He writes a regular "Inside Justice'' column for The Scotsman newspaper and has authored several books, including "The World's End Murders: The Final Verdict" and a groundbreaking study of forensic science called "Ruxton: The First Modern Murder." He is currently working on a new book examining the sex industry. He lives in Edinburgh.